The Boots You Wear Can Tell Your Personality

The Boots You Wear Can Tell Your Personality

Boots are the essential must-have in every fashionista’s closet. They are the most versatile pair of shoes, that can be paired with jeans, skirts, dress and every other fashion trend that is conceivable. And yes, they can surely tell a lot about who you are!

High Heeled Boots – The ultimate attention grabber, high-heeled boots are for the divas who love their fashion and love to flaunt it! Confidence comes naturally to you and you are well aware of your charms!

Combat Boots – You are not just another pretty girl, but someone who comes across as the right balance of feminine charm and masculine strength! Punk or grunge styles of clothing can be found in your closet. You like function over fashion, and your boots keep you cozy in the cold winter months!

Country Boots – You love adventure and are a walking example of the country life! You love to strut your fashion style around, are cheerful and usually have your own way when it comes to getting things done!

Walking Boots – You prefer practicality and fun over dramatic fashion statements. This doesn’t mean that you are any less fashionable yourself, but you wear your boots with style as well as comfort. You do not want to miss any fun that life has to offer and love to jump around with joy!

Thigh-high Boots – These boots give off a sensual appeal and are an instant attraction. The wearer of these boots sends across a sultry message to her admirers, who number by the dozens as she sways past them!

Riding Boots – Well no, it doesn’t mean you are on a high horse all the time! But you are definitely full of spunk and love the outdoors! Sprightly and full of life, you add that much needed zing to your surroundings wherever you go!

So, which one are you picking today?


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