Fabulous Decoration Idea with Egg Cartons

Your home is a reflection of your personality and taste and compliments your moods and choices. Of course, we all have an eye for beauty and we love to embellish our homes with the prettiest things that we can find! But what about creating something yourself and giving your home décor an amazing personal touch?

Fabulous Decoration Idea with Egg Cartons

We teach you here how to transform your egg cartons into flower lights! Read on and check out also the video below!

You need: 3-6 egg cartons, Christmas lights, acrylic paint, hot glue gun, scissors.

Let’s make those lights:

1. Cut off the lid of the carton.

2. Now, cut the middle of the carton and, carefully, cut out the troughs in which you place the eggs.

3. Pick each one and shape the ends with scissors to make it look like a flower.

4. Now, paint with your chosen acrylic colour.

5. Allow to dry and shape again if required.

6. Cut an ‘X’ shape on the bottom of each flower and insert your Christmas lights through this.

7. Place the flowers on twigs or railings or any other cozy nook you want!

Let your house dazzle in these gorgeous and colourful flower lights that look fabulous and literally cost you nothing!

Source: norskeinteriorblogger.

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