DIY – Make Your Own Trendy Bleached T-shirt

Bleached T-Shirts are surely rocking the fashion scene everywhere you look. And did you know that you could make these in a myriad of colours and patterns, right at home, and in just under 10 minutes?! Yep we got it right here, read on to learn how you can sweep up a good collection of these right at home!
You need:
– a plain cotton T-shirt;
– bleach;
– spray adhesive;
– stencil (ready-made ones are available in the market, but you could also make your own with adhesive vinyl and a Silhouette cameo).

Make your T-shirt:

1. Make sure your T-shirt is completely wrinkle free and clean.
2. Slide a cardboard inside, to avoid any bleach from ruining the back of the T-shirt.
3. If you have a pre-made stencil, spray the back of this with spray adhesive and press firmly onto the T-shirt. If you made your own, cut it out of the adhesive vinyl and press onto the T-shirt.
4. Now, gently remove the paper backing and transfer paper from the stencil.
5. We are ready to bleach!
6. Take a spray bottle and pour about 1/4th cup of bleach into it.
7. Gently spray a very fine mist over and around your stencil.
8. Wait for 2 minutes to see the effect. Spray a second time if you feel you need a more bleached-out look. But be careful about this, since just a wee bit of spray can get you the desired look.
9. Now peel the stencil off your T-shirt, and remove the cardboard inside.
10. Hang to let dry.
11. You may find some crystalline powder after it has dried. Brush this off.
12. After you are completely sure that there is no more of this bleach powder left on your T-shirt, give it a wash.
13. A separate wash is recommended for the first time, then simply go the wash-iron-wear routine!

There you go, your very own bleached T-shirt, made by you, worn by you! You could also work up a collection for your friends and folks, makes for a nice gift, doesn’t it?


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