Galaxy Twist Dye + Bleach Shirt – DIY


Designer Laurie Eaton from iLoveToCreate came with an amazing idea of creating a ”galaxy” shirt. Today we share this super cool galaxy technique with you to try at home.
You will need:
– Tulip One-Step Spray Dye Kit
– Tulip Fabric Spray Paint
– Tulip Surface Cover
– Bleach
– Spray bottle
– Sink
– Washer/dryer
– Scissors
– Dark colored t-shirt (black, brown, or navy)

As soon as you have all the ”ingredients” you can start to be an artist. The video and pictures below will help you to make all the steps! Have fun!

Galaxy Twist Dye + Bleach Shirt - DIY

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  1. I D o these all the time and Everytime I sell the like crazy except I add sparkle with glitter paint and I flick glow n the dark paint all over to look like stars turns out pretty great.

  2. You wash the shirt to stop the shirt from bleaching. Then let it air dry. Soak in 1 cup vinegar. Then dye it.

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