6 Ways to Motivate Yourself Into Doing that Boring Task

You stare at that open notebook and blank computer screen, then you go back to your social media account, and then you come back to that blankness….you know you have a task at hand that must be done. The same is happening when you have to prepare for tests and exams. But sometimes simply knowing that you have to do something is not enough to get your brain started on that job, you’ve got to fire it up! Here are some ways in which you can give yourself a boost to help complete that job at hand!

1. Spend some time with a friend who you consider a ball of energy and inspiration. Just hear them talk, be around them for a few minutes, and guess what….ideas will start budding in your mind! The energetic vibes of your friend will rub over you and you are well on your way to get started!

2. Stand up with your chest and head held high, and take your arms up. Keep this pose on for at least 5 minutes. A quick change in posture helps in circulation of the body fluids to take the dull covering off your brain!

3. Get into the habit of rewarding yourself! We know you haven’t done that in a long time, but this is just the time to start! If you got loaded with a boring job or you simply have to prepare for that upcoming certification exam, reward yourself for every 30 minutes or so that you put in dedicated into the job; maybe grab a candy from your bag, or talk to a friend, or take a quick stroll outside.

4. Keep a list of motivational quotes and inspirational words ready for when you start feeling down in the dumps. Briefly flip through them, and you’ve got those batteries charged up!

5. Instigate and scare yourself! Yes this works just as well as the reward. If you remind yourself how a sloppy job might get you brickbats at the next meeting or worse, get you chucked out, you are sure to do a great job right away!

6. Connect your goal with your identity. If you took on that job and want the world to know that you do what you commit to, then don’t miss out on the chance! This is one sure-shot way to motivate yourself when you care about your social image!

With these awesome jump-starters for motivation, you are definitely in charge of even the most dull and boring of jobs and will emerge a winner!

6 Ways to Motivate Yourself Into Doing that Boring Task

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