The Weekend Paradise Home

Who doesn’t want a private paradise to relax on the weekends after the hectic routines of a working week! This is precisely what was in the minds of a couple from South Korea, who hired EAST 4 Architecture to design a home for them that lets them unwind completely! Called the ‘P House’, the home is constructed on only a tenth of a vast piece of land, leaving the rest as open space for landscaping and gardening. South Korea has four distinct seasons, and the landscape is designed and planted with species that capture these seasonal differences in their various colours and hues!

The entry to the house is through various routes; it can either be directly through the main door or via a ramp which makes an entry possible from the rear garden. A sunken courtyard has been created in this rear garden that connects with a workshop. This is where visitors are received. This design was created in order that the client feels the exuberance of nature, even from the ground floor. Another request from the client was that the interiors of the house remain completely hidden from the outside world. The architect therefore scaled down all the windows and other openings of the house that faced the adjacent roads.
Ample numbers of windows have been provided throughout the house in order to allow maximum natural ventilation and sunlight. A cute Tea Room has also been created, where the clients can enjoy nature in all its elements throughout the year. This Tea Room, an exterior wooden patio and a pond are constructed together in one straight line, which adds an aura of charm to the house.
The façade is simple, antique in design but modern on the outset, and constructed with gray coloured clay bricks.

A house that is sure to instill inner peace, a weekend at this retreat can surely freshen you up to face the harsh work week ahead!

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