The Weirdest Shoes to Hit the Fashion Scene

How would it feel if you put your feet into a pair of octopus tentacles or hooves instead of shoes? Weird right? But this is exactly what has spiraled the young and talented Filipino designer, Kermit Tesoro to fame! Kermit derives his inspiration from the inner conflicts that plague the human mind, and his designs are a celebration of the eccentricities of life.

A blue octopus that has its tentacles climbing up your ankle, or shoes that are heel-less and totally covered in sequins, or 9 inch heels with skulls on the heel, or a shoe that looks like a mass of melted leather, and a pair that looks like you just replaced your human feet with hooves are just some of the varied designs that have crept into Kermit’s collections.

Celebs like Lady Gaga have found their perfect pair in the collections that have totally flipped out most of the sensible fashion houses.

These shoes may not be exactly your cup of tea, but who doesn’t mind giving into your eccentricities once in a while?!

Crazy-Shoes-by-Filipino-Designer-Kermit-Tesoro-1 Crazy-Shoes-by-Filipino-Designer-Kermit-Tesoro-2 (1) Crazy-Shoes-by-Filipino-Designer-Kermit-Tesoro-3 (1)

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