Home Décor Trends That Will Never Go out of Style

Home décor can be overwhelming. Partly to blame for this is the pace at which trends come and go. It almost seems as though each time you catch on to a trend, it goes out of style before you even know it. The good news is, several solid trends have withstood the test of time. You can use these to form the basis of your home décor while incorporating select passing trends now and then.

Curious about these timeless trends? Here are a few you can get inspired by:

1. Fireplaces

Fireplaces – functional or decorative – never get old. What you should take note of is the door. Fireplaces with gold plated doors are absolutely out of style. Ensure to install a modern mantle or bold paint, to give the place an elegant touch. For an exciting twist, you can have a fireplace in the dining room or even in the bedroom instead of the living room.

2. Neutral Paint

Painting your house is one of the cheapest and quickest ways of giving it a fresh look. While bold colours pop and make a room look vibrant, the trending colours don’t stick around for long. Neutral colours like taupe, greys, beige, and off-white tones, on the other hand, tend to remain solid choices over time. In addition to this, they fade into the background allowing you to play around with colour on your furniture, fittings, and rugs.

3. Comfort

Going for comfort is another trend that will never go away. Aesthetics aside, the people living in a home have to feel comfortable. At times comfort also extends to well being. A bed, for example, has not only to look good but also, it has to provide ample back and limb support so that you do not wake up with joint aches and pains. An elegant Ecosa bed base, for example, is one way to ensure you sleep comfortably and get enough restorative sleep each night.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are a versatile décor item that allow for creativity. For example, you can get them cut in different shapes and dress them up in elegant frames to go with your general décor. You can also get smaller framed mirrors and arrange them in interesting collages to liven up a room. Aside from their aesthetic value, mirrors reflect light brightening up a room. In addition to improving lighting, they make smaller rooms appear larger.

5. Artwork

Art takes its place as a décor staple. The key is to pick out artwork styles that do not feel dated. You can also play around with different frames to modernize the pieces.

6. Plants

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Plants have always been used to clean indoor air and for their aesthetic value. Today, you can have plants that are also functional. Herbs fall under this category. Planting rosemary, sage, lavender and so on not only beautify a house but also, fill it up with tantalizing smells. Having fresh herbs to cook with is also a welcome bonus.

7. Marble Countertops

Photo by Rustic Vegan on Unsplash

From its use in palaces and castles in ancient times, marble has remained a revered countertop material. Marble is durable, luxurious, fire-resistant, and scratch-resistant. This makes marble especially useful in the kitchen. It’s also easy to clean, which makes it a good bet for kitchen hygiene.

8. Wooden Floors

Photo by Margo Brodowicz on Unsplash

Wooden floors are synonymous with warmth and elegance. In past decades, wood floors used to be slightly cruder than the neat, easy to maintain planks available today. Today, wood floors are still coveted by homeowners and renters alike. The best part is that there are many different finishes to choose from to complement the style you are going for.

9. Mix and Match

One advantage of these timeless décor tips is that they have withstood the test of time and will remain trendy for a long time to come. This eliminates the need to keep updating your décor, which is both time-consuming and expensive.

The best way to use these decoration ideas is to pick a few and match them up with some modern designs to create something unique for yourself. Allow your personality to come through your décor style, and you will have the home of your dreams.

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