Tie Dye Twirl Technique

Tie-Dye Swirl Technique for t-shirt

You can do your own amazing tie dye using this very simple procedure and, in this way, give a new lease on life to your old t-shirts. The video and directions below will help you to realize the technique.

You will need:
– a simple white t-shirt;
– rubber bands;
– fabric dye.

Directions: Lay t-shirt flat on work area. Pinch the material at the point you want the swirl to be. Twist it around into a flat spiral. Bind with rubber bands, making 6 wedge shapes. Put Dye on wedges using the colors you wish, in the desired arrangement. Cover fabric with plastic. Let set 4 to 6 hours, then remove rubber bands. Finish the procedure by washing and drying separately. Enjoy your new t-shirt!

Photo courtesy: ilovetocreate

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    1. I never tried but I can’t think about no reason why it shouldn’t work, I want to make a mega flag to cover half of a wall of my room!

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