Beaded Collar Necklace – DIY

DIY Beaded Collar Necklace

This accessory is a really versatile one. You can make it using a few items. The final product will be a stylish necklace which can be worn with a sweater or with a tank or camisole.

You will need:

– shirt with collar;
– beads in different sizes;
– scissors;
– needle and thread.

Directions: Cut the collar off of your shirt. Place the beads on it (until you start sewing) and take a picture because this image will be very helpful for you to see where to sew each bead. Now, begin to sew bead by bead only on the top layer. Place a bead as button and sew it. And Voila! Enjoy your beautiful collar necklace!


Photo courtesy: trinketsinbloom

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