Tips on Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Find Your Personal Style

In order to effectively build a jewelry wardrobe, you will need to become familiar with your own unique personal style. Watch what you naturally gravitate towards and go from there. Consider coinciding your jewelry wardrobe with what you wear. This will help to make your outfits look complete. Building a jewelry wardrobe does not have to be expensive and you can find various options at different price points that match your style. It is always important to pick what you love and would wear the most, regardless of price.

One important factor to consider when you are just starting to build a jewelry wardrobe is what type of metal you prefer. Different metals typically look different against different skin tones. Cooler skin tones generally look good with white gold and silver, while warm skin tones look good with rose gold and yellow jewelry. Those with a neutral skin tone look good in both. However, it is up to personal preference. So, wear whatever you like and are comfortable in.

Build Your Jewelry Basics

After you have started to develop your own personal style and pinpointed what you like, it is time to build up your basics. These basics are jewelry items that you can wear every day and can also be considered your staple pieces. Building up your basics allows you to have a good starting point for branching out and trying other pieces of jewelry.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are the perfect basic jewelry item to add to your jewelry wardrobe. They lighten up your face and add a touch of sparkle. Although simple, they are very stylish. This makes them easy to pair with virtually any outfit and occasion. While it may feel like diamond studs do not allow you to add your own personal flair, there are actually several options. You can choose from different metals, settings, and even choose other unique gemstones.

Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces can provide you with an elegant and classy look. They can be delicate or chunky, according to your style. Pendant necklaces are unique that they are usually more of sentimental value. These special pieces can be dressed up or down to compliment almost any outfit. The pendant can be large or small. However, typically more dainy pieces have the ability to go with more outfits.

High Quality Watch

Not just for telling time, a watch should be a staple piece in your wardrobe and is one of the best accessories. Every person needs a watch as part of their basics for their jewelry wardrobe. Watches are a staple piece. A high quality fancy watch will give your professional or date night outfit the boost it needs. Watches come with many different faces, as well as bands. This means that everyone can find a watch that fits their style.

Casual Watch

While a high quality watch can be reserved for special occasions or your professional outfits, a casual watch could be worn daily. A fancy watch may class with your daily outfits and that is why also owning a casual watch is necessary. Watches are versatile in and of themselves, coming in many different styles and colors. You are bound to find one that compliments your unique style.

Simple Bracelets

Bracelets are great for expressing your personality. You can choose from many different styles and materials. From stacking bracelets to delicate stand alone options, there is something for every unique style. Bangle bracelets provide you with simple options that allow you to easily dress up your outfit and tie your clothing pieces together. This simple accessory should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. While there are slimmer options, bangles also come in other options. Wider and bold cuffs that slip on and off your wrist can also be considered, as well as options that are hinged.

What are Statement Pieces?

Selecting basic pieces to build your jewelry wardrobe is just the foundation for finding the best accessories to match your unique style. There are many choices to choose from in several different categories. However, once you begin to build you may decide that you want to branch out and try other options. One of the best places to start is to find some statement jewelry pieces that you gravitate towards. Statement pieces are those that stand out from the basics and could be a focal point of your outfit.

Statement Rings & Necklaces

When statement pieces are mentioned, the first common thought is that they must be bigger jewelry pieces. While some statement pieces are, which immediately draw the eye to that piece, this is not always the case. Big and bold rings and necklaces are fun to experiment with, making an outfit. However, statement rings and necklaces can also refer to pieces that are unique. Vintage rings are often regarded as statement pieces because they are unique pieces of jewelry that draw the eye. Statement rings and necklaces can also refer to pieces that are bright and colorful, which may be different than your normal array of basics. It is always okay to branch out and try new color palettes, as well as different designs. Statement pieces are important to have in any jewelry wardrobe, as they help you to express your individuality.

Grow Your Collection

If you are having difficulty on where to begin when it comes to finding basics for your jewelry wardrobe, consult a jeweler in Norristown New Jersey. A knowledgeable professional jeweler in will be able to help guide you on what will best compliment your features, as well as basics that are great to have in your wardrobe.

When it comes to your jewelry wardrobe, do not stop at the basics. Continue to grow your collection and seek out new jewelry pieces that match your style. Building a unique jewelry wardrobe takes time and energy. Experiment with varying metals, gemstones, and colors to find what jewelry you are passionate about. Building a beautiful jewelry wardrobe will help you to complete your outfits and keep your style polished for years to come.

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