Top 7 Accessories You Need to Wear This Year

Accessories provide a unique and personal statement to your outfits. They can transform even the most plain-looking apparel into something special. This is the reason why you should consider wearing some of the top accessories that are considered as statement pieces for this year.

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1. Multi-color Leather Strap Watch

Leather strap watches are no longer limited to black or brown, but they now come in multiple colors for you to choose from. These are usually women watches that are available in a variety of brands that you can find in various online stores such as WatchesOf. It is a global online store for watches that offers free worldwide shipping and returns. The best part is that you get up to 5% off your first order when you sign up.

2. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings work best in sprucing up any plain outfit. You have the option to choose from one with a simple design, or another which proves to be over the top, complete with bold embellishments. Just make sure to tuck your hair behind your ear to show them off.

3. Large Chain Necklaces

A large chain necklace can effortlessly tie your outfit together. This type of necklace is best paired with a blazer or a sweater. You can also wear it alone or together with a similar colored necklace.

4. Padded Headbands

If you are having a bad hair day, then a padded headband may just be the answer to your problem. You can wear it at the center of your head, or use it to keep your locks away from your face. You also have the option to go with a simple looking one or have fun with one that is all covered with embellishments.

5. Wide Waist Belts

A wide waist belt will instantly create an hourly glass shape and enhance your figure. The best thing about these belts is that you will be able to use them regardless of the season because they just never seem to go out of fashion. You can wear it with a skirt, a dress, or a blouse and pants ensemble.

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6. Bucket Hats

Protect your head from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing a trendy bucket hat that is a must-have accessory this year. A bucket hat is best paired with sunglasses that can help protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as well. In terms of the latter, go for those with colored frames that best blend with your outfit.

7. Soft Clutches

Soft clutches are very much trendy this year and they are very appropriate regardless of whether you are attending a formal event or going on a casual date. The great thing about these clutches is that there is plenty of room inside to hold your things. They are also quite convenient and easy to carry around.

To wrap things up, the accessories listed above are only some of the pieces that you should consider wearing. There are still other statement pieces that you can explore. The key is in ensuring that these pieces go well with your taste and style.

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