5 Custom Jewelry Ideas For Your Anniversary

As you’re about to hit the year mark of your relationship with your partner, you might be thinking about various ways how you can celebrate the day. While having a nice dinner or a weekend getaway would always sound like a great idea, pairing it with an awesome gift could make the day even more special.

There are plenty of anniversary gifts that you can choose from in local or online stores. However, if you’d like to go for something unique and memorable, going for custom jewelry would surely hit the spot. As you look for a reliable custom jewelry designer, you can finally give something that only your partner will have and will remind her of your sweet gesture.

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That said, listed below are some custom jewelry ideas you might want to consider:

1. Engraved Name

One way of customizing a piece of jewelry is by engraving a name on them. You can do this with a dog tag or even pendants with various shapes such as circles, hearts, or ovals. However, if you’d like yours to be unique, you can go for a standard pendant and look for a flat surface that you can engrave your name on. You can either do it in front or back for a hidden message.

Whether you engrave your name on their pendant, carve your anniversary date, or carve words that are meaningful to them, you can get creative with your custom gift. Apart from engraving on a necklace pendant, you can also do this with a bracelet. For a more seamless look, you can choose to go for a thin metal bar that goes along with the necklace and engrave any note that you want.

2. Engraved Photo

If you’d like your partner to remember a great memory, engraving a photo would surely be a great idea as a custom jewelry gift. This would take your customized jewelry to a whole new level. An engraved picture may clearly state your relationship and how happy both of you are in your relationship. It’ll be like bringing a part of you with them every day.

There are plenty of photos that you can choose to engrave on your necklace or bracelet. While using your couple’s photo would always be a great idea, you might want to try something more unique and creative such as a picture of your favorite go-to place as a couple.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to pop the question, you can engrave the words in a photo form, asking for their hand in marriage. It could be the sweetest memory to keep in their hearts forever.

3. Birthstone

While engraving a photo or name would be a great custom jewelry idea, going for a subtle and minimalist design might be more suitable for couples who like to keep it simple but sweet. To achieve this goal, you should consider custom birthstone jewelry that could help remind your partner about your relationship, putting them in a great mood.

Ideally, you can include your two birthstones together. You can place them side by side for simplicity or form a heart and have each side be you and your partner’s birthstones. Moreover, if you have any children in the future, you can always add their birthstones, making it a family necklace, bracelet, or ring.

4. Initial Pendant

A simple way to customize your jewelry without using a medium or large pendant is to go for an initial necklace, bracelet, or ring. It would be a short and sweet reminder of your relationship. As you go with this, you can play with various fonts to deliver a bold or minimalist style according to their taste.

When going for an initial pendant, you can use your initials alone or combine them with your partner’s. You can add a heart, plus sign, or ampersand symbol between your names. This is a simple gift that anyone could appreciate.

5. Handwritten Pendant Note

If you want something that could melt your partner’s heart, having a handwritten pendant note is a great idea. This would involve writing a short message on paper and having a custom jewelry designer engrave or place it on a pendant.

As you write your pendant note, you can include the sweetest words possible to make your partner smile. It’ll be simple, yet it could melt everyone’s hearts as they see your note. With your actual handwriting, it’ll be a great reminder of your romantic gesture.

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The Verdict

Giving custom jewelry as an anniversary gift would always be a great idea. With this, you can expect your partner to wear it every day to show off your efforts and relationship. However, before proceeding with a custom gift, try to book in advance, as it usually takes weeks to craft custom jewelry pieces.

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