Common Makeup Removing Mistakes You Might be Making

Going out with makeup can easily boost your confidence, but removing it afterwards is no easy task. If you’re not careful enough, you might be making several makeup removing mistakes. And it’s not something you can ignore! Failure to remove makeup completely can lead to various skin, or even eyes problems. In the morning you might notice the makeup residue left on your face, and it’s certainly not a good sight. Leftover makeup can also leave stains on your pillow cover, and cause bacteria to grow in it. EW!

Now, it’s not too late to learn about those makeup removing mistakes. Learn these common mistakes below and see which habit you might have to change.

1. Using only cleanser

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Cleanser; whether it’s oil, cream, milk, or gel, would do a great job cleaning your face from makeup. However, it’s not designed to remove eye makeup. Your eyes need gentler remover, and even if that means spending extra bucks to get another product, it is something you need.

2. Removing your eye makeup the wrong way

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Makeup erasing routine doesn’t have to be rigorous. Especially if you’re removing your eye makeup. Again, eye area is noticeably more sensitive than your facial skin. Rubbing and pulling it won’t do the trick; instead you’d be left with irritated eyes or wrinkles. The most effective way? Soak your pad in eye makeup remover then gently blot the makeup away. If you’re putting on mascara, try pressing the pad on for a few seconds. And remember! Grab a new pad once it’s covered by your makeup. The same rule applies if you’re using a pad to remove the makeup on your face.

3. Using DIY remover

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We understand you want to go all natural, and save a few bucks while you’re doing so, but making your own makeup remover from “recipes” you get online isn’t the best way. You can end up suffering from a serious allergic reaction, or worsening skin condition. The tip? Before changing your makeup remover, try to buy the smallest size possible (or if available, ask for samples. Korean brands tend to give out free samples, even if you buy online), and try it on before committing yourself to the new brand.

4. Not paying attention to the instruction

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Most makeup removers work the same way, yes, but there are some that work differently. Have you tried reading the instruction on the back of the packaging? Also, you’d need different kind of makeup remover if you’re using waterproof makeup. Be careful so that you don’t buy the wrong one! Pro tip: if your makeup remover comes in a bottle, make sure to shake it before using it. Again, read the instruction!

5. Not cleansing it thoroughly

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Oh, how obvious, you might have thought. But, wait! There are a few things you need to keep in mind.
First, a makeup wipe would come in handy if you’re putting on light makeup while you’re travelling. It doesn’t mean, you can use it daily; especially if you have a perfectly working cleanser at your cabinet. Take your time, and try to use less makeup wipe.
Second, your face is just as important as your eyes and lips. Use an appropriate cleaning product to remove foundation, powder, or anything you put on your face.
Third, remove the makeup on your hairline. We can’t stress this enough! You’d end up with bad breakouts if you fail to do so. This also applies to your neck and jaw line. Again, the key is being thorough.

6. Skipping the after-care

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Now that you’re done with the makeup removal (yayy!), you need to move on to the next, equally important step. After all, it’s called makeup regime because it’s made up from several different steps. Some brands sell them in packages; mostly it comes in three or more products. You can buy them, or if you’re feeling thrifty, you can always get the most important product out of them all: moisturizer. Just because you’re using oil-based remover, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to moisturize your skin afterward.

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