Mascara Mistakes – 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong

We all know that at some point, we all had commit some ‘mascara mistakes’ – applying mascara in a wrong way and ended up ruining our hard-earned eye makeup result. And let’s be honest, it’s not the best feeling in the world, especially if you’re running out of time or you have an important event to attend. It’s only normal to feel irritated or even upset because applying mascara is, most of the time, the last step to finishing your eye makeup and you’ll have to start over if it smudges or it’s looking nothing like you expected.

So now that we have all agreed that applying mascara is a rather difficult, yet necessary task, let’s go over some common mascara mistakes and things we all can do to minimize the risk of ruining our mascara.

Not curling your eyelashes before applying mascara

1. Finding the eyelash curlers scary. Eyelash curlers do look scary, especially if you just start learning to put on makeup. There are so many things that could go wrong with it, like ripping your entire eyelashes off. But don’t let it intimidate you! The truth is it is very unlikely for that to happen.

2. Curling your eyelashes after applying mascara, however, can actually break your eyelashes or worse, have it yanked out. Plus, if you don’t curl your lashes before applying mascara, people can’t see the difference – whether you have mascara on or not.

Eyelash curlers ‘open’ your eyes, and make the entire mascara applying process much easier. If your lashes have a hard time staying ‘opened’, try heating your eyelash curler using a hair dryer for a few seconds before using it. But again, be careful! You don’t want to burn your eyelid and your lashes.

Choosing the wrong mascara

3. Holding on to old tubes too long. Now that you have curled your eyelashes, let’s move on to another vital step: choosing the right mascara. Let’s be real – what is the first thing you consider before buying a mascara? Is it the price? The brand? Or the color? While there is nothing wrong with getting reasonably-priced mascara, we often hold on to our old tubes just a little bit too long just because we simply have no time to shop for another one, or just because we’re on budget! But do you know that using old mascara can actually put your eyes at risk of infection. Ideally, you need to replace your tube once every six months, or right after it gets clumpy.

4. Not considering the size of the wand. Another mistake we often make when it comes to getting new mascara is not considering the size of the wand. Bigger isn’t always better. And you don’t always have to get black mascara – try experimenting with colored mascara that can compliment your natural hair and skin tone. And if you’re using contacts (or your eyes are sensitive), try to find mascara that is specially designed for your needs. They’re not crazy expensive – plus they save you from watery eyes.

Not wiping off the excess product on the brush

5. Keeping the mascara excess on the brush. Before applying the mascara on your lashes, wipe excess mascara off on a tissue.Does it even matter?”, you may wonder. Yes, yes it does!

6. And while we’re talking about mascara brushes, pumping your wand is a huge no-no! The science behind it though, is quite interesting. When you pump your wand, you’re actually pushing air into the tube, and the mascara will eventually dry out faster. Instead, it is suggested that you gently twist the wand back and forth or in circular motions. Also, close the tube right away!

Applying it the wrong way

Now it all boils down to how you actually apply the mascara.

7. Applying mascara only on your top lashes is one of the most common mistakes. But the truth is, your bottom lashes are just as important. It is obviously harder to apply, but the difference it makes is definitely worth the practice.

8. Using only one mascara. Instead of using one mascara it’s better to use two which serve different purposes. This way you can get a fuller, firmer look.

9. Making your lashes look clumpy and ‘heavy’. But another thing you need to remember is how evenly you apply the mascara. Sure, your lashes can look more voluminous and thick, but do you apply the mascara to the inner and outer corner as well? Or do they look thin and frail compared to the middle part of your lashes? This doesn’t mean you need to apply multiple layers all over your lashes – because it is going to make your lashes look clumpy and ‘heavy’. Instead, it means you need to take breaks between layers, and evenly apply mascara on the corners.

Forgetting what to do after

10. Blinking too fast right after applying. What do you do after you finish applying the mascara? Well, first thing first, you need to refrain from blinking. But be honest – we often forget to stop our eyes from opening right away or blinking too fast right after we finish. This is a fatal mistake that can throw our previous effort to waste.

Once you’re done with your day and you’re getting ready for bed, take off your mascara using an eye makeup removal! This is such an obvious thing to do, but we don’t always do it – maybe because we’re too tired, too drunk, or simply because we feel it would go away once we wash our face. But if you don’t remove it properly, you’re actually damaging your eyelashes and in the long run, your eyes.

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