Busting Myths About Eyelash Extensions: The Most Important Things to Know

Every person of the fair sex has thought at least once that it would be great to have voluminous eyelashes of great length. We spend a lot of time in the morning dolling up and making our eyes bright and spectacular. However, it is not always possible to achieve the desired result. That is why we are thinking about the help of a specialist who can make us feel great even when we wake up.

There are obvious advantages to this procedure. We can sleep a little longer, and after waking up, be ready to go out into the world. It is also possible to hide your imperfections regarding the incision and shape of the eyes.

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However, many girls deny themselves such pleasure due to rumors and myths that scare them away. In this article, we will try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure, as well as destroy myths.

Advantages of the procedure

1. Takes less time to apply makeup

Imagine that you can save at least 20 minutes on makeup. The experts use the best glue for Russian lashes to create the perfect look and make your eyes irresistible. All you have to do is apply foundation, powder and eyeshadow.

2. Natural look

Eyelash extensions, made with the help of lashes extension glue, no longer look disgusting and unnatural. Now experts offer their clients a lot of options for how their eyelashes will look. You can choose their size, thickness, and bend. You just have to choose the desired effect, and then the professional will use the best Russian lash glue to create a beautiful look.

It depends only on you how your eyelashes will look. You can choose between natural beauty or super volume. Choose between deep blacks or chocolate shades. Either way, your eyes will look natural and no one will notice that you have extended your eyelashes.

3. Convenient care

Many are afraid that when performing such a procedure, it will be necessary to devote a lot of time to caring for them afterward. This is not the case. You can do whatever you want. Swim in the pool or go to the bathhouse. Your active activities will not affect your eyelashes in any way.

On the contrary, water procedures help to cleanse the space between the eyelashes from dirt. The eyelashes will dry on their own, and you just have to comb them to make them look perfect.

4. No harm to your natural eyelashes

You don’t have to worry about your natural lashes getting damaged. Skilled professionals buy safe products for the procedure at the Quality Beauty Store so that your experience is as positive as possible and does not harm your health. Moreover, the beauty industry experts make special efforts not to overload your natural lashes.

5. Irresistible look

Waking up in the morning, you will feel confident and will not rush to put on mascara as soon as possible. The procedure will highlight the dignity of your face and help hide flaws.

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Cons of the procedure

1. Possible allergic reaction

Every cosmetic procedure has possible side effects. Nobody knows how your body will react to the used agents. Specialists try to use products that reduce the risk of an allergic reaction, but no one can give a one hundred percent guarantee. If your eyes start to itch within a few hours after the procedure, you should immediately contact a specialist to remove your eyelashes.

2. Restrictions

If you want the effect of the extension to last longer, then it is worth remembering that you should not lie with your face in the pillow so that your eyelashes do not wrinkle. Do not apply oily cosmetics close to the eyelashes, as this can affect the dissolution of the glue. Also, do not rub your eyes, as you can ruin the effect.

Try to wash your face every day, and then comb your eyelashes so that they are beautiful and striking.

3. Repetition of the procedure

Many would like to do eyelash extensions once and never come back to it. However, this is not possible and you will need to visit the master regularly to correct the work. You will need to see a specialist once a month to maintain the effect.

4. Finding an experienced specialist

Now on the Internet, it’s easy to find a huge number of specialists who are engaged in eyelash extension. However, you must be very careful when choosing, as negative experiences can affect your health. Before contacting a master, you should carefully study the candidates. Pay attention to the work experience and the quality of the procedures performed. Read the reviews in advance to be completely sure.

Popular misconceptions

Each cosmetic procedure has many advantages and disadvantages. Negative experiences and rumors breed myths. Now we will try to destroy the most popular misconceptions.

You can self-learn with the help of videos. Many girls believe that by watching a video on YouTube, they can independently learn how to extend eyelashes and start a career in the beauty industry. This kind of thinking leads to the emergence of unqualified specialists who do not understand the intricacies of this profession and harm their clients.

If you want to become a professional, then you need to enroll in courses and receive training from specialists. This is the only way you can become a master and gain experience.

Inconvenience after the procedure. Many girls believe that after the procedure, they will experience discomfort. This can only happen if you turn to an inexperienced master. Experienced specialists, based on your wishes, will do everything to make you satisfied.

Material. Eyelashes have nothing to do with animal hair. They are made from high-quality synthetic monofilament and are allergen-tested before being released for sale.

Artificial effect. An unfortunate effect can ruin the experience. However, with a classic eyelash extension, your eyelashes will look natural. The effect will be as if you have just put on mascara. You won’t see thick and sloppy eyelashes. Tell a specialist about your wishes, and then he will select the most suitable conditions for you.

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Eyelash extensions are an excellent method for your perfect transformation. Thanks to this procedure, you will look stunning, even in the early morning. Take care of your health and choose experienced professionals.

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