How to Style a Tubular Bandana (Tubana)

While not all of us are familiar with the term tubular bandana, or tubana, most of us have seen it at least once. We rarely style a tubana, and ended up just wearing it as a bandana to hold our bangs up. But this simple, unassuming piece of clothing can actually be used for many, many things. Let’s take a look at some of them!

1. Hairband & hair tie

To start, the multi-functional headgear can be used as a hairband. Most of us buy it from Hoorag and use it to keep our hair in place. However, when worn for a long time, the tubana can create a semi-permanent dent on your bangs. So, the other option is to use it as a hair tie. Because it’s elastic, it can substitute your usual hair tie.

2. Headband, scarf & wristband

Tubana can also be worn as a headband. It can prevent the sweat from your forehead to drip on your eyes, especially when you do sports. When hiking or going somewhere cold, tubana can be used as a comforter to warm your neck. When worn on the wrist, it can be a wristband to wipe your sweat and complete your sporty look.

3. Sun guard, helmet liner, hood & balaclava

If you’re riding a bike, tubana can serve multiple purposes. First, it can protect your neck from the sun’s rays. You need to wear the tubana on your neck and pull it up until the tip of your head. To keep it in place, you should wear your helmet. If you pull it further, it can serve as a hood. If you pull the front part of the tubana (the side resting on your neck), you can rest it on your nose and wear it as a balaclava. This is especially useful if you live in a heavily-polluted area.

4. Cap, hat liner, foulard, vato, a sahariane, or a do-rag

The tubana can also be worn as a cap. If you wear a hat on top of it, it can be a hat liner, so that you can look stylish. Those with long hair can also wear tubana as a foulard, to protect the hair from sun damage. The tubana can also be styled into a vato, a sahariane, or a do-rag. Bye-bye, bad hair day!

5. Bottle koozie & face mask

The tubana can even be used as a bottle koozie so that you can hold a cold bottle comfortably. During this pandemic, tubana can be worn as a face mask. But keep in mind, it’s way less effective than a medical mask or a 3-ply cloth mask.

So, there you go. No matter what you call it – tubular bandana, neck warmer, neck gaiter, or neck tube – there’s no doubt this seemingly simple cloth is very versatile! What is your favorite way of wearing it? Let us know below!

Photo by Jeff Tumale on Unsplash.

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