Christmas Hair Accessories You Need to Get ASAP

Christmas is almost here! The 25th is now ever closer, and if you haven’t think of any hairstyle you’re going to Christmas parties in, these Christmas hair accessories would be a great start. They’re more than eye candies; they’re very practical as well! You won’t have to do much other than carefully tuck them between your hair strands. Check the best collection of Christmas hair accessories below!

1. Crowns
Be a princess this Christmas! If you’re aspired to be Elsa of Frozen, a jeweled crown is the best shot you’ve got. However, if you prefer something slightly more toned down, you can get yourself a gorgeous crystal crown adorned with quartz crystals. A leather strap adds to the “boho” feel, and really, it’s just so pretty in general. So princess-y or boho goddess-y?

Foto: Asos,Topshop
Fotos: Asos,Topshop

2. Headbands
Out of all Christmas hair accessories, headbands dominate the list. Are you a feline lover? Then you may be interested in a glitter cat ears headband, or a jeweled cat ears headband; if you prefer something less shiny. Either way, both are perfect for cat lovers. Not so much of an animal lover? There are tons of headband options you can choose from. My personal favorite is this black rose crown headband that’d go perfectly with any LBD even when it’s not Christmas. Then you’ve got crown tiara headband with considerably-sized jewels. Or hey! Go all studded with a simple studded headband.

Foto: rocknrose, newlook, freepeople
Fotos: rocknrose, newlook, freepeople

Not festive enough? Nothing screams holiday season louder than an embellished headband with sparkly decorations on top. Still not enough? Get a jingle bell headband that’s adorned with Christmas decoration on top. You can’t get more Christmas-y than this, really. Can’t decide between a crown or a headband? Why not both? The royal queen crown headband is a perfect choice if you want something classical and modern at the same time. Jeweled velvet headband is just as royal-like, and you can always get a headband adorned with oversized emerald stones lined with gold. Finally, for flower crown lovers, get this berry-colored rose headband that’ll complete your look.

Foto: freepeople, francescas, urbanoutfitters, nastygal
Fotos: freepeople, francescas, urbanoutfitters, nastygal
Foto: forever21, asos, topshop
Fotos: forever21, asos, topshop
Foto: francescas
Foto: francescas

3. Head wraps and hair ties
Embrace your natural hair this Christmas using a black and white striped head wrap. Can’t stand your long hair when it’s dinner time? Tie your hair using a seasonal hair ties, or braid it if you have extra time!

Fotos: freepeople, missguidedus, forever 2,
Fotos: freepeople, missguidedus, forever 21

4. Hair clips
If you don’t like fancy accessories like crowns or headbands, go simple with minimalistic hair clips. Star decorations don’t only belong on top of the Christmas trees; you can carry it with you around in a 3D star hair clip. This hair clip would suit silver sequin dress best, but feel free to dress up in other outfits. If you want something more subtle, why don’t you get a pearled hair bow or a pearl hair comb? These hair clips would be best used when you’re on a more formal setting, or if you want to attract attention to your dress or shoes. If you want something more festive, however, get green and red mini bow clips to get into the Christmas spirit. Crystal fan pins are also a perfect choice for simpler dresses.

Fotos: nastygal, folksy, freepeople, asos, francescas
Fotos: nastygal, folksy, freepeople, asos, francescas
Foto: francescas
Foto: francescas

5. Buns, buns, buns.
Who says you can’t rock topknots and buns when it’s Christmas? As long as you have ways to make sure your neck stays warm, you can try out various hair accessories for buns. A lace bun holder, for instance, is classy and simple at the same time. Or you can go for a bun cuff that can also be a statement bracelet when worn on your wrist. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! You can also get a bun cover with intricate flower detailing that’d complement your vintage look perfectly. Something more colorful? We got you covered! A tinsel-trimmed scrunchie would hold your messy bun as you party the night away.

Fotos: freepeople, asos, newlook, chloeandisabel
Fotos: freepeople, asos, newlook, chloeandisabel

6. Headpieces
This headpiece is adorned with pink and gold gemstone, and would be perfect for Christmas parties. Or you can try flower and pearl hair clips (it’s technically hair clips!) that goes across the back of your hair. Stunning!

Fotos: asos, nastygal, newlook
Fotos: asos, nastygal, newlook

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