Baby Girl Dress Upcycled from Men’s Shirt – DIY

Baby Girl Dress Upcycled from Men's Shirt - DIY

We always have a pile of clothes that we don’t know what to do with! Actually there are multiple ways to re-fashion women’s clothes, but there seems to be no sane way of wearing a men’s shirt in any other way than it was originally meant to! Right? Wrong! Because, we have some tricks up our sleeve to convert a serious looking men’s shirt into a fun and fashionable dress for the toddler! You don’t need to be a pro with sewing, but yes, knowing a tad will surely help create an amazingly cute outfit!

You will need:
– a discarded buttoned men’s shirt;
– needle and thread or sewing machine;
– pins and scissors;
– a well fitted dress of the child for sizing;
– a narrow elastic band (optional).

Let’s go!
1. Lay the shirt on a flat surface and place the simple dress over it to estimate the size requirements.
2. It will help to fold the shirt in two, so that the buttons lie on the edge. This will help to get the right and left sides of the dress to be identical!
3. Now, fix the pattern with pins and cut it out from the shirt.
4. Decide on the kind of sleeves that you would like for the dress and cut out the additional cloth material from the shirt sleeves for the same.
5. Sew up the lateral lines and iron them out to avoid any puckering.
6. If it’s necessary, put an elastic on the neckline and sleeve-line and mask the same.

And that is it! A great way to get your creative juices flowing and also save an extra buck by upcycling an old shirt! Your little darling will rock in this dress.

Baby Girl Dress Upcycled from Men's Shirt - DIY (2) Baby Girl Dress Upcycled from Men's Shirt - DIY

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  1. hi there, I cut out this dress but had a problem with the underarm, how to seam without pucker from the straight edge underarm.

  2. Hello, I like this idea. But when you try and turn the edges down 1/4 inch and then again to insert the elastic it puckers terribly. Also, the sleeve looks mighty small for a two year old. Any measurements would be helpful, thank you so much.

  3. This is a hack, not a pattern. You’ll need to get sleeve measurement from an existing dress or pattern. As for the neckline I would use bias tape to create a facing. If you are an experienced seamstress you could make a facing from leftovers sleeve fabric.

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