Turn Oversized T-shirt into Dolman T-shirt – DIY


This is an easy and creative project that will transform the most basic oversized t-shirt into a chic fashionable clothing item. If your boyfriend has XL t-shirts that he forgot about or barely use, why not repurpose them? You will declutter his wardrobe and you will get a new clothing item in yours.

You will need:
– oversized t-shirt;
– scissors;
– sewing kit or sewing machine.

Directions: The first thing to do is to turn the t-shirt inside out. Take the scissors and start with cutting the neckline out and cut diagonal sleeves from the arm side like in the pictures. Be careful to keep the shoulders seam (you will need it). Next step is to take a thread and a needle and gather the bottom hemline. Start sewing as you can see in the pictures and trim the excess fabric. In no more than 20 minutes you made a beautiful dolman t-shirt for you. Wear it with pleasure!

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Photo courtesy: brit.

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