Refashion T-shirt – DIY

refashion t-shirt

If you are a passionate about remodeling all sort of clothes, you will certainly try this DIY project we want to share with you today, step-by-step. If you have some sewing skills this shouldn’t take more than a hour to be done. Therefore, take an extra large t-shirt and let’s have some fun tailoring.

You will need:
– an extra-large t-shirt;
– an elastic;
– needles, thread, scissors, ruler, chalk.

Directions: Put on your t-shirt inside out and mark with chalk where your shoulders start. Take off the t-shirt, lay it down and draw a line from the previous sign to the arm pit and cut. Mark, cut and sew the sleeve also smaller, then pin it to the original hole. Now it is time to cut out from the width of the t-shirt: mark a line from the arm pit all the way down to the bottom of the t-shirt, sew that line, and cut the. Take an elastic, and put it around your waist or wherever you wish your new dress/shirt to be ruched and cut the elastic. Now fixate both ends of the elastic to one of the lateral stitches, then move on to the missle of the elastic and fixate it on the oposite stitch of the shirt. Do the same for the middle front and middle back points of your shirt, then hold with one hand the fixation point, stretch the elastic and sew it over the t-shirt. By now you should already have your brand new dress if you choose a big enough t-shirt. Have fun!

Remodel T-shirt - DIY

Photo courtesy: diaryofamadcrafter.

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  1. Okay this is pretty neat but I’m a bit lost first what is the middle of the elastic and you said and cut the . Cut the ? Please help if you can. THANK YOU

    1. Chrissy, I may be able to help you…. I don’t know how long ago you posted. If you are still wanting help yo make this send me a message on facebook to “Hazel Evert Inglis” . I will help you a long.

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