T-Shirt Blanket – DIY

T-Shirt Blanket - DIY

Dedicated to all of you that are a sentimental hoarder and are used to collect all sorts of inanimate objects that remind you of any type of activity that was somehow important for you, this is a DIY project that is meant to put a lot of memories together into this big “memory picture”: The T-Shirt Blanket.

You will need:
– lightweight fusible interfacing;
– sewing machine;
– ruler and scissors;
– lightweight blanket for the middle to make the blanket thicker;
– fabric for the back;
– iron;
– t-shirts.

Directions: Make a template, square or rectangle shape, and cut out this same shape out of each of your t-shirts. Now iron these t-shirt shapes onto the fusible interfacing, this way it will be easier for you to cut the same template of fusible interfacing and fixate them to the t-shirt pieces. This will ensure that your t-shirts don’t stretch and modify theyr shape therefore not match properly. Sew these t-shirts together into a giant blanket then put it over the lightweight blanket to make it thicker, and seal everything with the fabric for the back. To strengthen everything, you can sew some buttons here and there.

T-Shirt Blanket - DIY (2) Photo courtesy: starsforstreetlights.

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