Magnificent DIY Rugs to Brighten Up Your Home

Rugs are an excellent way to help add to your home decor. They work to help protect wood floors, provide a soft place to rest your feet, and serve as a unique way to introduce color and texture to an unexpected area of a room.

Rather than spend hours searching for the perfect rug to add to the size of your room, and worrying about patterns and colors, why not make your own? Read on to discover a few ways you can make your own magnificent DIY rug to brighten up your home.

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1. Wine Cork Mats

Love to drink wine? Don’t toss those corks since they can be a great item to craft with. One way to use them is to hot glue them onto a rug gripper pad that provides a mesh backing to create a unique welcome mat. They also work well as a bath mat, or simple highlight piece for a wine bar, breakfast nook, or kitchen mat to help cushion your feet while backing, cooking, or doing dishes.

2. Simple Crocheting

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Can you crochet? Want to learn? This is an incredibly simple skill that even children can pick up with some basic instruction. It also makes quick work of yarn to allow you to make just about anything you want with some simple patterns. This is a great way to make larger rugs as well, and can be done with cheap yarns to create your own masterpieces.

3. Sisal Rope Rug

Photo by Julien Lanoy on Unsplash

Sisal rope is easy to work with and is an inexpensive material to create some very cool looking rugs. You can lay out lengths of rope and stitch them together for runners and door or bathroom mats. You can also wrap them in a circle and hot glue them together, or even weave or knot thinner rope lengths into complicated designs from easy to find online tutorials.

4. Use Fabric Paint

Love a rug pattern, but hate the price? Find yourself a plain colored rug and cut out your own stencils to use with fabric paints to create your own rug masterpieces. There are also many prefabricated stencils you can take advantage of if making your own is not a skill you want to master. This is an excellent way to create a one-of-a-kind option personalized to your home decor.

You can even cut out shapes with prefabricated rugs, use faux furs, use paints to create stripes or make it look animal-like…the possibilities are endless. Be sure to use a durable cutting mat, such as a high quality self healing cutting mat often used for sewing as they will protect your underlying surfaces.

5. Weaving Your Own

Image by MBatty from Pixabay

You can weave many different fabrics and materials, or even mix and match to create your own rug. If you are concerned about not being able to make a large enough rug using this method, consider making your own simple frame! All you need is some sturdy cardboard, or you can even use some inexpensive lumber for a custom size.

6. Twisting T-Shirts

Image by Alicja from Pixabay

Old t-shirts make awesome rag rugs. This is also a great way to avoid landfill waste. Use them to weave a rug, or twist them up and circle them around one another. You can easily stitch these together with thick thread to help keep it nice and tight and durable for use.

7. Felt Ball Sewing

You can either make your own felt balls, or buy a bunch to use for this fun looking rug. Mix and match complimentary colors, and stitch them together to make your very own unique rugs. This is a project that is simple, but can take some time, so they often make the best side of the bed, kitchen, or other small area rug.

8. Piecing Together Prefabricated Options

Looking for a large rug, but not interested in dropping the cash for the option? You can easily find smaller rugs of the same fabric, or even various colors and patterns, and piece them together using single-sided carpet tape. This is a great way to create unique, and personalized options.

9. DIY Pom-Pom and Shag Rugs

All you need is a rug gripper pad for this project, and loose yarn or prefabricated yarn pom-poms. The large openings provided by the gripper pad allows a lot of freedom for crafty projects and various ways to attach materials, yarns, and pom-poms for wholly unique options. Also consider using strips of old t-shirts, or even ribbons for a fun, textured effect.


Obviously there are many more ideas you could take advantage of, such as using pebbles for a welcome mat, but these ideas are a great way to kick off your creative streak. Be sure to incorporate your own artistic flair, likes, and home decor into whatever ideas you come up with.

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