Beauty Treatments – Expert’s or DIY Products?

We all have been there – we were just scrolling through Instagram or Twitter when we spotted posts about DIY beauty treatment products. But this is the question: Beauty treatments – experts or DIY products, which one is better?

There are many things you need to consider before you decide which one is for you. Many are tempted with DIY products because they’re cheap and they’re easy to make. Since you can use them at home, there is no need to spend more time and energy getting your treatment. Also, DIY treatments are tempting because some people on the Internet may have testified about fantastic results they are seeing when undergoing a certain DIY treatment.

But let’s take a look at some common beauty treatments we can get both from the experts and from DIY tips. As a disclaimer, these tips work generally so before using or choosing a certain treatment, consider carefully what your options are and if necessary, consult your family doctor.

Facial treatments

As we all can testify, facial treatments – DIY or from the experts – are one of the most common beauty treatments available. Men and women alike love getting themselves pampered and looking presentable. However, your attempt in looking nicer can backfire if you decide on the wrong treatment.

For example, if you’re experiencing serious skin problems such as rosacea or eczema, would it still be wise to go for a DIY treatment? Some people who have sensitive skin also later regret their choice of DIY treatments when the result they experience is nothing like what is often advertised. A proper choice could be using an ointment prepared from natural ingredients by specialists, like Zincuta is. This skin cream heals a large palette of skin afflictions, from burns and insect bites to eczema and psoriasis and also brings relief to the skin.

Persistent acne, scarring, hyper pigmentation, moles, sunspots, and microdermabrasion also require professional assistance from a dermatologist. Often, the skin condition would be resolved sooner if it’s treated professionally with advanced tools dermatologist have. However, most of the time, you can still extract whiteheads, exfoliate, and steam your face at home.

Hair treatments

We have now come to the second most important part of our beauty treatments – hair! Please note that we won’t be just talking about your hair. We would also be discussing your brows, body hair, and the hair around the sensitive area.

But let’s start off with your hair. Trimming your hair can often be done at home, but the same rule doesn’t apply if you’re trying to trim your bangs. You can also try dyeing your hair at home, but don’t attempt to change your hair color drastically, bleaching, or highlighting your hair. Gray hair and roots can often be touched up at home periodically, but if you have tried to do it at home and the result wasn’t satisfying, you should consider going to a salon instead.

Next, when it comes to brows, shaping and tinting eyebrows or lashes require someone else to do the job for you. Again, some people may have successfully doing it at home but if you’re not the risk-taker type, then see a license technician – especially if you want to get your lashes done.

When it comes to waxing, you can do it at home, except if you want to wax around your bikini area. There are some at-home laser hair removal devices, but if you want the best result, it is still best to see a physician. If you want to get your hair waxed at home, follow the instructions of the waxing kits and make sure you exfoliate your skin the day before.


How often do you need to get your makeup professionally done? The answer may vary but the bottom line: see a professional makeup artist only during special occasions. What is it that you consider a special occasion? Well, that’s for you to decide. Big days like weddings, graduations, or a family picture shoot are some of the special events in which you would need a professional help. If you’re on budget, though, try watching some makeup tutorials on YouTube and practice several times before the big day. If it really doesn’t work out, then you should consider professional service.

Nails, teeth, and skin tanning

Manicures and pedicures are some of the few things you can do at home without having to worry about messing it up. However, a professional treatment can be an indulging treat once in a while.

There are also some teeth-whitening treatment kits that can improve your teeth condition quite effectively, but if you need some fast results, it would be better to see a dentist.

When it comes to tanning, the same rule applies. Generally, you can do it at home but if you are going to a special event, splurge a bit so that you can get it done professionally.

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