Colorblock T-shirt Dress – DIY

Colorblock T-shirt Dress - DIY

We might have shared with you some projects for the old pieces in your closet that you just can not let go of, but still you can not wear them either. Todays project is a dress that is made out of 4 old t-shirts. One is a female t-shirt and the other three are men’s polo shirts. The project is inspired by the colorblock dress at ASOS. An advice for the beginners is two wash the clothes before starting to redesign them, so that you will not have a surprise and a shrinked dress after you worked so much to make it.

You will need:
– 1 t-shirt that fits you;
– 3 extra large men t-shirts;
– sewing machine;
– scissors.

Directions: Start by cutting off the sewed hem of the polo shirts you will use for the top two color layers. Leave the hem of the 3rd shirt that will be on the bottom of your dress. Continue by cutting one side seam of each of the three shirts. For getting the right length of the skirt, measure the total length and divide it by 3. To the result, add ½ inches to each color layer for seam allowances. The next step is to stitch the three bands together, lining up the uncut side seams. For completing the skirt, stitch together down side, trim all seams with zig-zag shears to prevent fraying. Then press the new seams flat. Now, move to the upper side of the dress. Take the fitting t-shirt and mark your waist on it, then cut it at natural waist plus ½ inch for seam allowance. Tape the side seams in towards waist to desired fit. With right sides together, stitch top to skirt at waist. Trim with pinking shears. Press seam allowance up towards top. Create a small pin-tuck on your skirt at the center front and back if needed to fit the top.

Colorblock T-shirt Dress - DIY (2) Colorblock T-shirt Dress - DIY (3) Colorblock T-shirt Dress - DIY (4) Colorblock T-shirt Dress - DIY (5) Colorblock T-shirt Dress - DIY (6) Colorblock T-shirt Dress - DIY (7) Photo courtesy: clothedmuch.

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