Homemade Bath Rug – DIY

Homemade Bath Rug - DIY (2)

If you want to protect the environment, you will most certainly be fond of this idea of making your own bath rug out of old shirts, or just any type of old clothing. The most important thing is that the fabric should have the capacity of retaining water. (This does not mean that you can’t make a rug for any other room in the house, if you find the idea inspiring, and you have enough old clothes).

You will need:
– old towels/old shirts;
– scissors;
rug making base with large squares.

Directions: Cut the fabrics in strips of 1 cm wide and 10 cm length (this last dimension will set the height of the rug). After you’ve done cutting the fabric, you can start the work. Pass one strip through two squares and tie in the middle. Our example is simple monochrome, but you can go crazy and think of some print you can play with and use the colors as you like. Think about using geometric shapes, stripes, circles, flowers or an animal print. The rug making base you can find in any crafts shops. Enjoy!

Homemade Bath Rug - DIY Photo courtesy: artesanatonapratica.

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    1. Please, press on ”rug making base with large squares” from the text above and you will be directed to purchase the rug making base.

    2. I bought my base from Menards if you have one. Or any home improvement store. Look for a product that keeps rugs from slipping. They carry a few sizes. I bought the biggest one so that I can make two rugs from one pack. Or just google a product for rugs for non slippage. Or close to that.

  1. It looks like you put the cut pieces in the dryer. Was this to get them to curl? Did you wash them also? Approximately how many t-shirts or strips are needed per average size mat.

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