Black and Gold Chess Nails Tutorial

Black and Gold Chess Nails Tutorial

If you wish to try a new design for your nails, we strongly suggest you to try this model also.

You will need:
– nail base coat;
– nail top coat;
– nail polish: gold and black;
– adhesive tape.

Directions: Apply nail base coat and let dry. Then, do your nails black, and wait until they are completely dried. After they dry out, use some adhesive tape to form a small square on your nails, and use the golden nail polish for this square. For an accurate result, you will want to make the same corner to all your nails at once. After the golden nail polish is completely dried out, mark the oblique corner to paint it with golden polish also. The result will be very satisfying. At final apply nail top coat. If you have a strong adhesive tape or scotch, for it not to rip off the paint that is already dried out, stick the tape to the back of your hand a couple of times, so it’s not as sticky anymore. Enjoy!

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Photo courtesy: chloesnails.

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