Top Beauty Careers to Consider

Beauty is a booming industry, with more and more people booking regular procedures to look after themselves, enhance their looks, and get the aesthetics that they want. If you are interested in beauty, it makes sense that you might want to consider a career in this field.

No matter what area of beauty you work in, you can be sure that you’ll get regular work from clients since people are always wanting to get a wide range of different beauty treatments done for special occasions, as a regular thing, or simply to treat themselves. Here are some of the top beauty careers to consider.

1. Eyelash Technician

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Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular. Adding extensions to the lashes means that the client does not need to worry about applying mascara and can enjoy a thicker, fuller lash. Extensions can be fitted to the preference of the client, whether they are going for a more natural or a more dramatic look.

Working as a lash tech involves having a very high attention to detail. If this sounds like you, you might be interested in taking a course where you can learn to apply classic, volume and hybrid eyelash extensions.

2. Nail Tech

Another beauty treatment that is hugely popular is acrylic and gel nails. People like to get their nails done for many reasons, including aesthetics and even health reasons such as preventing them from biting their nails.

Since most people who have nail extensions applied tend to like to have them done most or all of the time, they will need an infill every few weeks which is sure to keep you in work.

3. Hairdresser

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Most people need to have regular haircuts and other hair treatments. Training as a hairdresser is an excellent beauty career to consider since you will always be in high demand. Along with helping people maintain their hair with regular trims, you may also want to consider the option of learning how to do more advanced hair treatments including colouring, highlights, and balayage.

4. Massage Therapy

If you want to get involved with a beauty career that allows you to really help people relax and feel good about themselves, it might be worth considering getting into massage therapy. There are various types of massage that you can learn to help people feel their best and relieve pain and tension.

More and more people are getting regular massages as they realise the benefits for their health and wellbeing, so once again this is another career where you’re unlikely to be out of work.

5. Semi-Permanent Makeup

Another beauty treatment that is getting more and more popular these days is semi-permanent makeup. An increasing number of people are going for these procedures, as they allow them to get the look that they prefer for longer without the need to reapply it. Some common procedures include microblading and semi-permanent lips, which are applied to the skin in the form of a semi-permanent tattoo.

The beauty industry is worth considering if you want a career with lots of work and the option to help people feel and look amazing.

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