6 Tips To Create an Al Fresco Oasis

Al fresco dining experience is more fun when you have an outdoor kitchen. You can use your patio or yard to create an al fresco oasis to dine outside. And doing so isn’t quite hard. All you need is inspiration and ideas to spruce things up, such as the following:

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1. Add Dining Space

One of the most important aspects of an outdoor kitchen is to incorporate a functional dining space. This means adding a table area or kitchen counters where you or your guests can sit and enjoy a drink while you’re prepping. When doing so, make sure to have enough space for chairs or stools to be pulled up.

Or you can add a large outdoor dining table made of wood to fit all of your guests. You can choose either four or six-seating with all-weather woven materials to stand well against extreme weather conditions.

2. Don’t Forget To Add Exterior Lighting

Your outdoor dining space should also be functional both at night and in the daytime. Though the moon and the stars can be a good source of lighting at night, they’re not enough. Thus, exterior lighting is necessary. It’ll help light up your space, making it functional at night while adding a mood to it.

With such, you can hang string lights to illuminate both the outdoor kitchen and the dining space. You may also want to add wall sconces to light up areas near the kitchen since you don’t have a ceiling or overhead structure.

3. Choose Between A Portable Or Permanent Outdoor Kitchen

Depending on whether you’ll permanently live in your current house or not, your outdoor kitchen can be portable or permanent. When you’re not seeing yourself moving away from home, then building an outdoor kitchen may be a good choice. You can design permanent features since you’ll be using them for a long time.

But if you have plans to move out someday, it may be best to go for appliances and features that are moveable. Don’t waste your money building a permanent outdoor kitchen that you can’t carry away with you.

4. Choose Outdoor Kitchen Fixtures And Appliances

Even when it’s an outdoor kitchen, you’ll likely need to have appliances and fixtures. From the refrigerator to grill to sink, you need to have these accessible. However, the ones you’ll need will depend on whether you’ll have a portable or permanent outdoor kitchen. With such, here are some of the most important things you’ll need to add:

  • Rolling Island: This appliance is great as its name sounds, you get to roll it wherever you want. You can easily transfer into a grill station, serving station, or prep station. Most rolling islands even have enough storage to keep your paraphernalia. The best thing about this is you can easily keep it inside in case of extreme weather conditions.
  • Sink: Make your outdoor kitchen more comfortable by installing a sink and faucets. You’ll need them to wash raw foods before cooking. To have a more durable sink, choose hammered metals, concrete, or stainless steel. But ensure that they’re made for the outdoors.
  • Refrigerator and Freezer: This is also essential as you need to keep your food from spoiling and keep your drinks cool. You can either use a full-size or under-counter refrigerator. If you’re fond of eating frozen treats like ice cream and using ice cubes, you’ll also need a freezer.

You may also want to have two units, especially if you’re keeping more beverages like beer and colas. That way, you and your guest can easily access these drinks by putting them at the end of the counter. By doing this, people won’t be getting in the way of food preparation.

Like the sink, you also need to choose the ones that are meant for the outdoors. Most importantly, install them in a sheltered area to keep them safe from long cold spells and freezing temperatures. Or you could choose ones you could easily transport inside in case of extreme weather conditions.

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5. Add Some Fire

Aside from exterior lights, you can also have a built-in stone hearth beside your outdoor kitchen. You can also use this as pizza ovens or roasting racks as long as you find one with such features. And most importantly, it can help keep cool nights warm.

6. Place Edible Gardens Near Sink

By having edible gardens like basil, marjoram, rosemary, and others, you can have fresh herbs to sprinkle on your wood-fired pizza or foods. Since they’re near your sink, you can easily wash and water them.

Or you can also make a vertical garden so it can act as a backdrop for your outdoor dining area, too. Plant veggies, fruits, and herbs in your garden so you can easily harvest them when cooking outside.


By having an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy al fresco dining. You can even enjoy it more because preparing food outside is more accessible and convenient. So, if you want to spruce up your outdoor kitchen, consider the tips above.

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