T-shirt Restyling Idea – DIY No Sew

T-shirt Restyling Idea - DIY No Sew

Make a fashionable apparel using a simple t-shirt. Choose to be chic and everyone will admire your creation because this tutorial, that includes a video, will show you how to add some glam to an ordinary t-shirt.

You will need:
– shirt;
– scissors;
– a ruler;
– a marker.

1. Cut the neckline of the shirt or only the back side;
2. Bend the back side of the shirt in half. With a marker and a ruler to trace a triangle which will practically be weaved zone.
3. Begin cutting the strips following the triangle – each should be with the dimension of a thumb.
4. When you finish the strips, pull each string aside to make them tiny and rolled up.
5. Start plaiting with the second string – flip it below the first string then put your fingers into the hole and pick up the third string. Continue and put the fingers inside the new hole and take the next string. Keep doing so before you reach the end. Pull the strings side at intervals to pass by having your fingers stuck into the hole.
6. At the end, cut the string in half and tie it very well. And Voila!

T-shirt Restyling Idea - DIY No Sew

Photo courtesy: lovethispic

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