Cute Cats in Love – DIY Nail Design

Cute Cats in Love - DIY Nail Design

Do you need some nail art inspiration? Get ready for some magic manicure with ”Cute cats love” theme. You can find the steps for making this amazing nail design below. They are presented by Cajanails in the helpful video.

Firstly, you need to make a pink french tip and to add a coat of pink glitter polish. Then you can start ”painting”:

-With a dotting tool make a big dot right above the smile line and add a smaller dot on top;
-Use a detail brush to correct the lines and to make some ears;
-Make a cute tail;
-Now do exactly the same with white;
-Make some light pink hearts above the cats;
-Put some white in the corners of the hearts for some shades;
-The cats must be made on the thumb and ring finger. Make some cat paws on the rest of your fingers.
-Finish with a topcoat.

Photo courtesy: cajanails.

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