Cozy Denim Slipper-Moccasins – DIY

Cozy Slipper-Moccasins - DIY

Ever thought of making your own cozy, moccasin-style slippers?  There is nothing more simple! Make sure you have got all that is necessary: pattern pieces, like old jeans; another fabric of your choice to reinforce the soles; puffy paint for the soles to give grip; pins; scissors; needle and thread or sewing machine.

How to make:

1. First you will want to make a pattern for the needed size: place your feet on a piece of paper large enough to fit, trace a line around the foot and round the toe area.

2. You may need to experiment a little before you get to the kind of fit you like.

3. Next mark the space around this pattern.

5. Now move on to the upper piece: Draw a trapezoid with round corners derived from the toe area in the first pattern. This upper piece you can make longer so that you can fold up to get more effect.


Now, the Directions by HomeSweetHomeBodies will help you to effectively create this amazing slipper-mocs. Enjoy the process and amaze your family and friends with your final work!

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  1. Hi, I’d love to make these!! Is there any way you could make the photos bigger so that I can see the measurement numbers you have written on the patterns? Its almost impossible to read in the tiny photos. Or perhaps give it in written form?
    Thank you so much!!!

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