Galaxy Twist Bleach T-shirt – DIY


Galaxy print t-shirts are still trending this year. Besides being colorful and cool, they give an air of mystery to the outfit in general. With a few tools and some fabric paint you can let your imagination take you right into the universe and make your own galaxy t-shirt.

You will need:
– black t-shirt;
– fabric paint in the colors that you desire;
– sponge brushes;
– plastic plate;
– cardboard;
– an old toothbrush you don’t use anymore;
– glitter (optional).

Directions: Start by preparing your fabric paint. Pick your favorites and don’t forget to get also some white paint for the starts at the end. Squirt your paints onto the plate and place the cardboard inside your shirt so the paint wont pass through the fabric to the other side. Start dabbing small quantities of paint into the shirt with the help of the sponge brushes and continue adding paint gradually until you get the desired brightness. Take your toothbrush and dip it into white paint and start flicking it into the t-shirt until you reach the desired number of stars. Be careful, this step might get very messy so put some newspaper around the t-shirt to protect everything else that is around. Let the paint dry and there you have it, your beautiful galaxy t-shirt is ready to be taken out!

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Photo courtesy: collegefashion.

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