How to Fix a Zipper That is Broken


It happened to you also? The zipper of your favorite pair of pants to broke down and you can’t fix it. The method of fixing this is quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of time. In most cases the problem is that the slider got out of track and you have to put it back. First, take the scissors and make a small cut between the teeth of the zipper tape (you want to make this cut as hidden as possible). It should be open enough so you can get the slide back on track. Get the slide back and you will notice an opening left from the process. Take a needle and some thread and start repairing the area so you can slide the zipper down again without the fear of losing anything on the road, this will make for a temporary stop (be sure to make it thick). This method is great for a temporary fix, but don’t forget to take you pants to be repaired tough.

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How to Fix a Zipper That is Broken

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