Tricks That Help You Look Taller

There are a lot of women who are dissatisfied with their height. If you feel you are too short, don’t be sad, tall women can’t really get shorter but short women can use various tricks to look taller. Vitamins and practicing a certain sport at a young age can help the body expand and look taller but if you passed that age already follow these tips we will tell you in our article. Being tall or not is all about the perception of people.

Tricks That Help You Look Taller

Make certain hairstyles.
A ponytail that is neat and positioned very high will add a few centimeters to your height. You want to make the body thin and tall so a hairstyle with the hair left down and a lot of volume will widen you.

Wear high heels.
High heels can make you look very tall, it depends on the type of shoes you choose. It is true that a lot of them are very uncomfortable, usually the taller they are the more uncomfortable they get but this is not a rule. With a pair of skin colored shoes, like nude ones, you will massively increase your visual height.

Watch the body posture.
Why bother with all the tricks we have told you before if your body posture is sabotaging your look. If you don’t keep your back and head straight you won’t look taller, a bad body posture steals a few centimeters from the height of a person.

Pick the right colors.
Usually wearing one color or similar shades will make someone look much taller as there are no drastic differences between the colors.

Watch out patterns in clothing.
Someone who wears horizontal patterns look wider and vertical patterns make anyone look taller. Try them out and see how they make you look.

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