Strange High Heels

Strange High Heels

Despite medical advice remember that heels affect our health and nothing compares with a pair of heels well chosen. Since their invention, heels were a symbol of femininity and beauty and are appreciated both by men and women. In case you did not know, high heels force a woman to have a correct position, arched back and the chest out things that make a woman even more beautiful.

In the past centuries, the trends in shoes have changed drastically, but the truth remained standing: “Heels can really be hurting”. Whether you are wearing a pair of six-inch Louboutin shoes or you are being careful using some sensitive shoes, there is still an uncertainty, which is part of the fun. If we look back in the history, some heals cases were downright a torture. For example, iron boots during the Spanish Inquisition, which were filled with boiling water, or medieval leg press.

Footwear designers imagination has no limits. Today we want to share with you a pair of shoes that are more weird than torturing, and we would love to hear your opinion on them.

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