6 Ways to Wear Flat Dress Shoes for Women and Still Look Modern

High heels make a woman look graceful and well put together, but they are not the most comfortable shoes to wear. Most women will attest that walking down the road in a six-inch pair of high heels is a painful affair.

A simple solution is wearing flat dress shoes. You’ll look presentable whether you’re going to work or attending a casual event with friends.

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Here are 6 ways to wear flat dress shoes and keep that modern style.

1. Wear Sparkly Shoes

Flat dress shoes for women come in all styles. Consider sparkly flats if you’re going for an elegant, feminine, and attractive look. They’ll make an excellent substitute for heels, with the biggest perk being comfort. 

2. Pair Metallic Flats With a Maxi Dress

No matter your height, you can pull off this look. Find a gorgeous maxi dress that suits your style. Then, pair it with some pointy metallic-colored flats. They make great statement shoes all while keeping your outfit modern and stylish. 

3. Add a Pop of Color

The media portrays working women as individuals who wear neutral-colored heels to work. This is far from the truth!

Women should wear shoes that feel comfortable and prevent blisters from forming. Plus, bright colors are in! Next time you put on that black dress or skirt suit, pair it with some flats in the color of your choice! 

4. Pair Formal Flats With a Long Gown 

Attending a red carpet event is usually seen as a serious event where heels are the most appropriate shoes for the occasion.

Of course, nobody wants to appear in the media the next day as one of the attendees with the worst shoes at an event. However, you can shelve the fear, wear a pair of pointy flats with a long gown and still look the part. Others have done it before, and so can you.

5. Wear Below-the-Ankle Flats with Wide-Bottomed Pants

The below-the-ankle type of flats are pretty common. Most are sandals or peep-toe styles.

They look great when paired with loose or wide-legged pants or knee-length dresses and skirts. How you wear them depends on the look you’re going for and where you want the focal point of your outfit to be.

Sold in several colors and styles, you won’t have any problems finding a style that suits you. This means you can rock those trending wide-bottomed pants in style and comfort! 

6. Wear Ankle-Length Flats with Neutral or Monochromatic Pants

Flats with straps across the ankle tend to make a person look shorter. They appear as if they are cutting off the legs or shortening them. However, there are still ways to make these flats look elegant and chic. 

If you’re pairing it with a dress, make sure the color of the shoes matches at least one of the colors in your dress. This will help make the shoes look like an extension of the dress. You can also pair it with neutral or monochromatic pants to create an illusion of continuity between your pants and shoes.

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Final Thoughts 

Flat shoes can look amazing if you know how to style them well. Therefore, if wearing heels feels like torture, you can always find a nice pair of flats that fits you properly and pair them with your favorite outfit.  

Besides wearing them when running errands, you can also step out in flats when attending events or going to work. Flats will not go out of fashion any time soon, so learning how to pair them is important.

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