Origami Peplum Dress – DIY

Origami Peplum Dress -  DIY

It is a well known method to go out and search for some old dresses that are made of great fabric and try to redesign them so that the beauty of it will not go to waste. This is the case of today’s project also, but it is very important for you to know that you can always buy a brand new piece of fabric that you like and start sewing the dress from zero, because once you get started you will be convinced it is not such an impossible thing to do.

You will need:
– an old dress with an interesting fabric you want to reuse;
– scissors;
– thread and needle;
– sewing machine.

Directions: Take a dress that already fits you and trace the outer line of it with a marking pen on the dress you want to redesign. Sew along the marked lines and then cut the extra fabric. Now try the dress on and if you see that the waist or chest parts are still a little loose, take in the side darts ½ inches. Now move on to the designing part. Line up the extra fabric you cut earlier, and sew the pieces together so that you can have a long strip. Fold in ½ inches at the edges and sew the two layers together on 3 sides. Hem the 4th side without sewing the layers together. Now put this rectangle on the table and fold it in half, then take the sewed corner and fold it towards the opposite corner (sew this diagonal line for a cleaner look). Next, you have to pin these origami looking peplums around the waist area while trying the dress on. The final step is to sew the peplums where pinned and your dress will be ready to wear. Enjoy!

Origami Peplum Dress -  DIY (2)

Photo courtesy: ourlifeisbeautiful.

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