Make High Heels Feel More Comfortable

It’s amazing how much wearing a specific shoe can influence our general mood and sense of comfort. If you are the type of woman who wears high heels very often or has to wear heels for work reasons it’s important for you to know tips in making your life easier by improving your level of comfort in those long hours on heels.


1. Pick a shape and type of shoe that affords a higher level of comfort. Platforms can cut down pressure on your feet as much as a rounder toe box and pointy toes.

2. Stretch your shoes out because a little more leg room can make a huge difference. It is advisable to go shoe shopping after a long day when your feet are already swollen and some things that you can do for stretching shoes you already have are: invest in a shoe stretcher or take them to a cobbler to do the job for you.

3. Use Moleskin for your problem areas which is a soft cotton flannel with adhesive backing used to cover those parts of your feet.

4. Buy shoes with ties or straps as they offer more stability and you don’t risk your shoe to come out (remember that we previously wrote that you could stretch your shoes).

5. Take breaks! It is recommendable to not wear high heels daily, if you use them for 2 days, make a break in the 3rd day. Give some time to your feet to recover.

6. Change the way you walk and posture helps a lot for that. Keep your head and spine straight imagining like you are pulled up by a string. Your paces have to look like a light bounce. Everything is about readjusting your body’s center of weight.

7. Use gel insoles for heal wearing problems because they prevent blisters.

8. Shave down your heel if you are willing to cut down a little bit from your height. It’s not expensive and the difference in comfort levels are enormous.

9. Remember to always moisturize and pamper your feet before bed, it helps them recover and heal for the next day!

Make High Heels Feel More Comfortable

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