Make a Macrame Top From a Bra – DIY

This diy tutorial shows a great way to reuse a bra you forgot about and look chic in the same time. It is perfect for summer days and even more perfect for going to the beach. If you are bold and you dare to show your abs in a nightclub you can even wear it there. This can be done with different types of bras and also different types of colors but on a tanned skin the white looks the best.

Make a Macrame Top From a Bra - DIY (2)
What you will need:
– bra with detachable straps;
– a bigger piece of macrame or lace (it has to be round and thick so it has a better hold, you can also use elastic lace);
– sewing kit;
– scissors.

1. First thing you have to do is to detach the straps of the bra.
2. Take your bra on you, measure the piece of lace and mark the positions where you will sew.
3. Start sewing the fabric to the bra.
4. Test how it looks on you and now you have to see how you can fix the lace around your neck so you have to take a strap and sew it on the material.
5. Cut out any excess material from the base of the bra and from around the neck, your top should look like in the pictures.

Photo courtesy: random internet photos.

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