4 Facts That Show You Are Using Your Eyeliner Wrongly

A simple makeup on someone always looks great, but if you want to make it special and looking sophisticated so it can be worn on a special occasion, eyeliner is a must, it shapes the eye in a very beautiful way making them pop out more. You have to be careful though how you apply it, there are actually wrong ways you can do that. Find out which are those and avoid using your eyeliner the wrong way.

4 Facts That Show You Are Using Your Eyeliner Wrongly

1. Overuse black and brown
When you use only these colors on your eyes can make them look very dark and closed, always add a pop of color there of a light beige or white so it cancels that dark effect. Light colored eyeliners look best on the bottom lash line.
2. Overdo the bottom lid
On the upper lid eyeliners looks amazing, but for the bottom you have to be careful with the applying process. Too much dark eyeliner on the bottom lid can make your eyes look smaller and in time will make it smudge and look nasty. For the bottom lid use light colored pencils or at least a lighter shade than the one used on the upper lid.
3. Understand the difference between a pencil, a gel and a liquid liner
Each and every type of eyeliner looks different on the eye, the intensity of the color is different too. The easiest to apply from all is the pencil, it is great for beginners, gel liners are used for more glamorous looks and liquid liners are the hardest to apply but look best on the lid. For gel and liquid liners you need to know how to master a pencil, but in time and with practice, you will make a perfect line each time you do your makeup. There is no point in using a liquid liner on an eyeshadow free eye and for a day look, sometimes it is too much.
4. Uneven application
When you try to make a line from the inner corners all the way to the outer ones, there is a risk you apply it unevenly. when you start from the inner corner always lift the pencil up a few times to make sure you are still on the right spot where you want the liner to be. Line your eyes and make them look gorgeous from more small lines that eventually will create a big one and you avoid uneven application.

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