Are Makeup Wipes Harmful or Not?

There are several ways you can remove makeup from your face. From lotions, creams and oils to makeup remover wipes. Usually wipes are used by women who have a crazy busy life, it is the fastest way to clean the face. It is very practical to just clean the face from makeup and dirt before sleep quickly without needing to use all kinds of creams and lotions, but how good is this for the skin? They are actually more harmful than anything else you can find on the market for the same purpose of cleaning face and you will find out why.

nice beautiful girl removes her make-up using wet wipes

Reasons to not use makeup remover wipes:
1. They can cause skin problems like redness, acne, blemishes and irritations
After you have removed the makeup with the wipes some of the product soaked in it remains on the face and most women don’t wash it down afterwards like you would do with other lotions. If you already have skin problems like acne, the worst thing you can do is to use wipes as the only thing you do is just cover them in another layer of chemical products. When you go on vacation and still need this practical solution try to find ones that contain salicylic acid.
2. They can make skin to dry out
Most of them have alcohol and it is an ingredient that dehydrates skin. Besides this, if face is not washed and a night cream is applied over, the cream can’t work and have a beneficial effect on the skin.
3. They can encourage bacteria overgrowth
Yes, if you carry them in your bag and forget to seal the package or leave them open, they will eventually dry and get air inside and with that dust too and bacteria can develop that once used on face do more harm than good.

If you still love using them and the situation requires it as it is very practical for travelling, always wash your face to remove the residues and you minimize the harmful effects.

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