How To Choose The Best Underwear For Your Workday

When you’re preparing yourself for work, you typically find yourself asking which clothes to select. Will wearing skirts be better than slacks? Or should you pick heels over sneakers? After all, appearances and work attires play a significant role in looking like a professional.

Aside from being mindful of your outward appearance at work, there’s another factor that must be considered, too—your underwear. Though undies are, of course, not seen by your boss or co-workers, you don’t want to feel them ballooning, squeezing, going up, or rolling all day! Your comfort is also integral when it comes to your choice of underwear, particularly because things could get hectic at work.

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If you’ve been working hard on your job yet you can’t seem to find the best underwear, you’ve come to the right article. Whether you’re searching for men’s or women’s undies, read on below for some tips in choosing the finest underwear for work.

1. Avoid Guesstimating the Size

Buying the wrong size of underwear is bad news. Your money could go to waste if you end up purchasing underwear that’s too loose or tight. So, it’s vital to skip the guessing game and know your exact measurements instead.

If you don’t know your size yet, it’s best to take a quick measurement. All you have to do is determine your hip and waist measurements. To do this, use a tape measure. In measuring your hips, be sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground.

After the initial measurement, it’s still ideal to measure both your hips and waist again to ascertain that you get the same measurement twice. When all is done, you may then consult your underwear provider about your sizing information.

2. Remember That Comfort Comes First

As mentioned above, you probably don’t want to wear something too loose since you’ll have to keep pulling them up or something too tight that’d lead to bulges and lumps. Hence, even if a piece of underwear looks ideal for your size, always look for something that allows you to feel comfortable at work.

When looking for comfortable undies, consider choosing one with firm elastics by the waistband. This type of supporting band will keep them in place. In addition, if it’s too tight or looks small, don’t think about buying it even if it has a pretty design or patterns. Undies that are too tight can make marks on your skin or cause irritation because of the friction.

Apparently, you may not know what happens at work tomorrow or the next few days; things could get busy or chaotic. Therefore, it’s best to feel comfortable with your underwear so that you can still breathe through all the hustle and bustle.

3. Look for the Right Fabric

Your underwear of choice will come into direct contact with the delicate parts of your body, which is why it’s also integral to choose a fabric that’s gentle and cozy to the touch, breathable, and manufactured to bear whatever your job throws at it.

Among other people’s popular choices for underwear fabric are cotton and nylon. That’s because, first of all, underwear made of cotton seems to be breathable. It doesn’t trap moisture, which as a result, doesn’t lead to yeast or bacterial infections. Nylon, on the other hand, is ideal for those looking for a slimmer fit. They’re often made from a flexible, synthetic material, making them a good choice, too.

4. Don’t Go Easy on The Quality

There is a plethora of discounted underwear out there. While some of them are the right size and fabric, their quality may be compromised, even if their designs are fairly attractive. When you’re browsing for discounted underwear, be sure to look for something of top quality. You may look for reviews to discover what past purchasers thought of the product’s quality.

5. Be Careful in Choosing the Colors

The color of your underwear for work matters, too. Choosing the wrong colors might be the reason for it to attract attention awkwardly. Therefore, aside from picking the color that fits your style, consider the hues of the clothing above it, too.

When it comes to undies, some people recommend avoiding the hues black and white. White stands out beneath any clothing, whereas black can also be dark enough to be visible. If you think so too, you can pick sets of subtle colors such as peach, nude, or lilac.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best underwear for every workday, a stylish appearance is only part of the battle. Your underwear must also fit well and feel comfortable no matter how busy your day is.

If you’re having trouble keeping your underwear in place or are experiencing irritation and discomfort by the seams, it might be time to try something new. You can consider the steps outlined above as your guide.

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