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There’s something to be said about combining a traditional, rustic design principle with that of modern appeal and beauty. Few trends can perfectly capture this, but the modern farmhouse is able to do just that. Modern farmhouse harnesses elements from a hundred-year-old design and modernizes it, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s also possible to implement the style into just about any room of the house, including the bathroom.

But what kinds of looks and designs can you expect from modern farmhouse bathroom decor? Here are a handful of fun looks, tweaks, and updates you can take advantage of, whether you’re going all-in on the farmhouse look, or you just want to add small features before you completely commit. Wherever you find yourself, there’s something for you.

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1. Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink has traditionally been used in the kitchen, but that doesn’t need to be an exclusive location. You will likely appreciate the extra sink space when adding a farmhouse sink to the bathroom. With a farmhouse sink you’ll have a larger, rectangular sink that stands out from the rest of the counter.

There are even smaller sink designs that utilize the block appearance without taking up as much room if you’d rather maximize your countertop space.

2. Wood

Normally, you wouldn’t think of wood in a room that sees so much moisture, but wood can be an absolute showstopper in terms of design. This doesn’t mean a wooden floor though. If you’re brave enough for wood flooring and don’t mind the upkeep, farmhouse wood beams can look beautiful.

However, if you’d rather maintain a tiled floor, a wood vanity is a great addition. Just make sure to keep the wood naked and not paint over it. You want the visual splendor of the wood to stand out.

Whether the wood has been weather-treated to look old, or you’re able to find reclaimed wood somewhere else, it’s a fantastic addition to modern farmhouse bathroom decor.

3. Rustic Bench

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Maybe you’re just experimenting with a modern farmhouse look and don’t want to completely invest in vanities, sinks, and other additions. Not a problem there.

The rustic bench, throw rug, or other small features that might normally be found in a modern farmhouse design can be easily added. It doesn’t require any installation and, in a matter of moments, you’ll change the look of your bathroom.

For many, wood is so out of place in a bathroom it’s hard to picture it. But the old, weathered wood against a clean, white backdrop, will instantly add the charm that makes modern farmhouse bathroom decor so desirable.

4. Lighting

Nothing completes the look of a room like proper lighting. There are several lighting options you can take advantage of when it comes to farmhouses. Think of it as industrial meets farmhouse. With a farmhouse, you wouldn’t normally have elaborate bulbs or fixtures placed over the bulbs. To stay true to the style, you’ll want to keep it simple here.

There can be clear, almost mason jar-looking fixtures placed over the bulbs (and opt for the clear glass bulbs or the modern retro bulbs where you can see the glowing filament). Combined with a metal housing that looks more cast iron than anything else, and you will be able to bring light into the bathroom while maintaining the modern farmhouse look.

And if you want to add even more lighting, consider mirrors with rustic wood frames around them. This will protect the edges of the mirror while keeping to the charming look you’re going for.

5. Update Your Bathroom With Modern Farmhouse Elements

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There’s something truly beautiful about the modern farmhouse look. The way it combines what’s new with what’s old perfectly allows the look to seamlessly enter any home. The bathroom is also an excellent area of the house to start your renovation. It’s small and doesn’t require a large commitment.

However, once you see your modern farmhouse bathroom decor, you’ll likely be sold on just how amazing it can transform the rest of your house. Reach out to Antique Farmhouse if you want to find ways to bring modern farmhouse bathroom decor into your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else around the house.

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