DIY Wedding Invitations: Everything You Must Know About

Want to make the wedding invitations on your own? Here are the things to consider: evaluate the cost, choose the style, prepare a template, make a schedule, and don’t forget about the envelopes.

7 steps to creating perfect wedding invitations yourself

Wedding is one of the most memorable events of the lifetime, so couples want to do everything right. Some of them spend a fortune on a wedding planner, while others decide to get creative and protect the budget by doing some elements on their own. If you are one of them, read further to find out how to create DIY wedding invitations step-by-step.

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Why to choose DIY wedding invitations

It is always exciting to do something with your own hands. And wedding cards are not an exception. Here are only some of the benefits you can get when crafting diy wedding invitations on your own:

  • As a rule, they are cheaper;
  • You can add everything you want without compromising anything;
  • Easy to do, especially now when there are so many fee editing tools and apps;
  • Personalized invitations;
  • An opportunity to do something together with a spouse;
  • You can always add or delete elements;
  • Create dear memories.

Elements of the future invitation

Let us begin by enumerating the main sections of your future card. They can be roughly divided into mandatory and optional ones.

Mandatory elements:

  • Invitation;
  • Response form;
  • Envelope;
  • Postage stamp.

Optional elements:

  • Inside envelope;
  • Reception card;
  • Directions on how to get to the place;
  • Accommodation details;
  • Wrapper.

Depending on your wedding invitations ideas, there might be other sections involved. For example, photos, dried flowers, or small gifts.

How to create a wedding invitation step-by-step

On the Internet, you will find lots of wedding invitations templates and examples. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s always plenty of ideas to boost your creativity. But having a ready template is not enough and below we will tell you about the things to consider when working on the invitations.

1. Calculate the cost

DIY wedding cards are not always cheaper and the price greatly depends on the quality of paper, ink, and décor. That is why you should add this expense item to wedding budgeting from the very beginning. Even if you decide to print the invitations at home, the paper and ink might be quite pricy. To evaluate the final price, add up the size of the paper, wrapper, postage expenses, and envelope.

2. Choose an appropriate style

Before surfing hundreds of online pages and saving tens of various templates, consider the style of the future event. Are your wedding decorations bright or calm? What colors prevail? Does the wedding have a particular theme? For example, boho or Harry Potter.

Your invitations should complement the event and follow the same topic and colors. It is a good idea to create Pinterest mood boards and add invitation templates that have the necessary style and elements.

3. Stick to the schedule

Your invitations should reach their destinations at least 8 weeks before the date. Plus, you need some time to plan the cards and translate them into reality. We recommend making a wedding checklist with all the necessary stages. Don’t forget to estimate how many invitations you will be able to do per one day. Thus, you’ll be able to schedule everything correctly and work on the cards without any hurry.

4. Invitation layout and format

One of the best things about DIY wedding cards is that you can choose from multiple options. Go online and pick one of the thousands of DIY wedding invitations templates and layouts. Most of them are free to use and can be customized for an extra fee.

You can also decide whether to print the invitations on your own or to send them to a printing shop. If you choose the second option, make sure to select a place with modern software and printers. By the way, workers of such shops may help you to choose the most suitable paper, alter the size, and add a few professional touches.

But not depending on whether you are going to print the cards at home or not, make sure to choose the correct file format. PDF files are of better quality than JPEG ones. On the Internet, you can convert files into the necessary format for free. But if contacting a printing shop, find out their requirements in advance, so that you won’t have to redo the cards all over again.

5. Choose the paper and ink color

When exploring online wedding tips wedding style always comes first. If you already know the topic and format of your event, it will be much easier to create the invitations.

This advice concerns print-at-home cards. As you understand, thin printer paper won’t do, so you have to choose a thicker paper which has a texture. Go to a stationery store with a large selection of paper and make the final decision only if you like the feel and touch. And don’t forget that colorful invitations will require more ink and the expenses are going to increase.

6. Pick and sign envelopes

Envelopes are a continuation of your invitations, so they should follow the same theme and style. You can print wedding rings, hearts, dates, or other important elements on the envelopes. Remember, that the envelope should be bigger than the invitation.

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7. Send them by mail

When the invitations are ready, place them in an envelope, stick postage marks if you have purchased them in advance, and head to the nearest post office. The postmaster will weigh every envelope and calculate the delivery price. For an extra fee, you can ensure handing a letter straight into the recipient’s hands.

Video invitations – the new trend

If you like keeping up with the new technologies, video invitations might be a great option. Say goodbye to regular paper cards and create something that everyone will remember. With the help of modern software, you can record an invitation, edit video online, and then send it by mail. In a matter of several clicks, you’ll get a ready invitation without a need to carve, glue, choose paper and envelopes, and go to a post office.

Final thoughts

There are many things that can go wrong at a wedding: bad weather, makeup mistakes, and a speech of your granny. But with the tips above, your wedding invitations will always be perfect!

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