4 Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Harm Your Skin

For most of us, makeup is an essential part of our everyday morning routine. With access to an endless stream of how-to tutorials and trend suggestions, the world of makeup application can be both overwhelming and somewhat intimidating at the same time. Despite the endless options, many women are left wondering if their makeup routine and product choice negatively is behind skin health issues.

Different products will have different impacts on skin health as we all have different skin. As a result, many women suffer from ongoing acne breakouts, eczema flare-ups, the development of dark marks, enlarged pores, and a few other unfortunate occurrences.

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So, if you are concerned about your product choice and routine impacts, we have listed the most common mistakes that can harm your skin.

1. Using Harsh Products

Almost every makeup product out there promises the best results and offers something of a range for most skin types. However, several factors are considered when investing in makeup products, such as a cruelty-free status, safe ingredients, and quality results.

In most cases, natural cruelty-free products are the best option simply because they contain organic ingredients that won’t cause skin irritations and other concerns. Because even fillers found in synthetic products can harm your skin, you should source your makeup collection by finding the best vegan foundation makeup brand, as these products are often genuinely suitable for all skin types.

2. Applying Too Much

When it comes to quality makeup, less is more. Even if you are creating a vibrant glam look, you should not have to use an excess of product to achieve notable results. What’s more, applying too much product does not just mean the product is of inferior quality as the effects will negatively impact your skin.

Too much product will block pores, creating a layer of excess oil build-up just beneath. Instead of suffocating your skin with a large amount of foundation and layering on eyeshadows to achieve a dense color result, you should opt for a higher quality product.

3. Sleeping With Makeup

Forgetting to remove makeup is something most of us are guilty of, and the consequence goes far beyond having to remove makeup stains from your pillowcase. Unfortunately, sleeping with makeup on will enhance your chances of developing acne breakouts while also causing skin irritation.

It is always best to properly remove your makeup with suitable natural cleansing products and create a healthy evening skincare routine. Your evening skincare routine should consist of makeup removal, a cleansing wash, and a moisturizer.

4. Neglecting Skin Prep

Preparing your skin for a makeup application may seem like an extra optional effort, although it is essential. Not only will skin prep enhance the results of your makeup application, but the step will also ensure your skin is protected.

This is especially true to foundation, concealer, and contouring application as a lack of skin prep will encourage your skin to absorb most of the product during the day. Your pores will also become blocked and enlarged as a result.

To prep your skin, you should cleanse, moisturize, and follow with a quality primer that will act as a protective layer.

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