Indispensable Undergarments for Women

While you’ve probably spent ample time crafting a wardrobe that is full of all the timeless pieces and up to date trends, you may not yet have built up a collection of essentials of the same caliber. So, we have compiled this list of indispensable undergarments for women. These garments will ensure you look your absolute best in any outfit.

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1. A Bra For Every Occasion

While experts recommend replacing your bras every six months, your collection of bras should be versatile. First, you will need a comfortable tee-shirt bra that can be worn with casual attire. Tee-shirt bras offer exceptional comfort and prevent unsightly bra lines from ruining your look. You can find padded, non-padded, wired, and wire-free tee-shirt bras.

In addition to a tee-shirt bra, a racerback bra is another essential item as the ideal bra for tanks and tops that would expose bra straps. When it comes to finding the perfect strapless bra, it is best to opt for bras with wider backs as they won’t slip down. Next, a push-up bra is that confidence-boosting undergarment that can add a cup size.

2. A Variety Of Underwear

Your choice of bottoms should be as diverse as your collection of bras. Instead of purchasing a bulk pack of undies, you should consider that different outfits are best worn with specific underwear types. Thong undies are great for super-tight denim jeans, skin-tight skirts, and the ever-popular leggings. On the other hand, bikini-cut undies are perfect for comfortable wear, while boy briefs are best paired with skirts and baggier dresses.

3. An Assortment Of Camis And Shapewear

Cami’s are an excellent base layer for sheer tops and winter months. It is best to purchase a variety of colors to accommodate the diversity of your wardrobe. Camis are also great sleepwear garments. Shapewear is another essential for your collection. Even though shapewear is definitely not the most comfortable garment to wear, innovative designs can have you pulling off various outfits with absolute confidence. It is also best to opt for shapewear in neutral tones.

4. Slips And Pantyhose

Pantyhose might seem like a garment that belongs back in the early 1950s, although a pair of stockings can dramatically improve the appearance of your legs when wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses. They also add quite a bit of comfort. If you have ever purchased a dress or skirt only to find later that the garment is notably transparent, then investing in a few slips is a great idea. Slips will ensure you are covered and comfortable when wearing lighter fabrics.

5. Lacey Details

While undergarment basics should be practical, comfortable, and functional, every woman should have a few lacey details in her undergarment collection. Lacey push-up bras and matching things are not ideal for everyday wear, although these extra additions will have you feeling substantially more confident. Lingerie pieces should be elegant and somewhat bold, while focusing on fit is vital. Your lacey essentials could also be delicate teddies, corsets, and other undergarments.

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