The Role of Lingerie In Women’s Wear

Remember when we were glued to the screens when Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was on? The phenomenon of VS is, beyond doubt, iconic. It changed the style of underwear and how it is represented.

Most importantly, it changed what lingerie is for women. Unconventional thoughts started planting seeds in female minds. For quite a long time, many thought that draping their body in elegant lacy should only be for their partners.

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Now, tendencies are changing and finally, women are discovering the power of lingerie in a different way. New tendencies prove to us that nice lingerie in bed is great, but there is more to it.

The experts from Empress Mimi are positive that lingerie is here to make you feel like a muse to yourself.

Why do women wear lingerie?

The viral dialogue about the importance of clothes in “The Devil Wears Prada” left a trace in our minds. So, lingerie is just like clothes we put on. Lingerie is a way of self-expression.

Your choice of underwear can say how you feel about your day or about a specific event.

1. The underwear tells a personal story about a lifestyle:

Case 1: you are a travel bug, you are never home. When your friends call, you are on a plane to the Bahamas, and a week later you are hitchhiking in Peru. The perfect lingerie for you would be a bandeau, a sports bra, or a cami top. You strive for comfort.

Case 2: a trendy influencer online knows all the trends and does not gatekeep. So, she would definitely rock a bustier with baggy jeans or style a corset over a silk dress. Believe us, bold choices are the perfect fashion statement.

Case 3: a vanilla girl. She wears floral prints, and knitted cardigans, and drinks caramel lattes. To continue the romantic look, she would add a lacy bralette.

2. Comfort means confidence

We know that loose bra straps, tight-fitting panties, and synthetic fabrics make it hard to feel confident.

Perfectly sitting lingerie ensures that you feel comfortable in your own skin. The main reason why women would flaunt lingerie is to enhance their feminine charm.

A recent study has shown that there is an influx of more comfortable underwear among women. To mention numbers, now around 20% of searches online are for “comfortable lingerie” as opposed to just 2% for “seductive lingerie”.

3. Lingerie is pure joy

Just like the lyrics of the song go: “Girls, just wanna have fun”.

Either you are planning to have a girls’ night out, a romantic dinner with your partner, a business meeting in a glamorous restaurant, or grading straight to the gym to work out. For all these occasions you can dress up as you wish and feel.

Dressing up in a matching set with a garter belt, or trying to style a bodysuit is all about enjoying the process and making a killer outfit for yourself.

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Small details

There is no need to rush your experiments. If you are hesitant, insecure, or scared – start small:

1. Color play. Do not limit yourself to beige staples. Yes, they may be good to wear to work. But there are plenty of other occasions when you can wear something vibrant and full of color.

2. Details. The devil is in the details, the saying goes. The details can make a real statement. Plus, they will add authenticity to the look. For example, if a lacy bra is not your go-to style, consider changing the game. The lacy ornaments will make you feel and look gorgeous.

3. Sparkles. Add some shimmer to your outfit and shine like a star. You would only need to throw in some jewelry to your look to complement the lingerie. Try experimenting with necklaces, anklets, and body chains.

4. Little something. You can instantly make your outfit pop with little to no effort. Play with the bra straps. There are many different materials to pick. For instance, you could try out floral straps if this is your aesthetic. Or pick bra straps with rhinestones or beads when creating an edgier look.

As you can see, there is an array of options, do not limit yourself.

Explore your sensuality

Why do women wear lingerie? Simple, to explore their sensuality.

When lingerie and sensuality come together, it should not be for the partner first. You should remain your top priority. And, even at times when you are single and not ready to mingle with anybody, you still should dress up in alluring lingerie for your own good.

When you understand your sensuality and feel confident in your body, believe us, people will notice. You will radiate a vibe of confidence and have a feminine aura around you.

Acknowledge that you are a sensual person and explore your lingerie options.

Lingerie for romance

Many women think that when they can make their partner happy, they can become happy in no time flat. If only it worked this way, but it does not.

So, when you have finally reached the place in your life where you are mentally satisfied and confident with your body, it is time to use lingerie as your romantic weapon.

A seductive piece can reignite the flame between lovers. Sometimes, it can even bring an element of surprise, which cannot be any better.

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Wrap up

Lingerie is a tricky concept. It seems to be full of myths, preconceptions, and secrets. The only way to discover the extreme power of lingerie is through self-love.

Lingerie can help you establish strong grounds with your feminine side. And the underwear you choose can reveal a lot about you. You do not have to dress up to please anyone. You are your own boss.

Do not wait long. Start experimenting right now.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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