The Intense Golden Eye Look

When it comes to makeup and application, the tricky parts can be the eyes as they are windows to the soul therefore only the perfect shades can give the best outcome for what they really are. But there are colors like gold which never tire of pleasing and adding beauty to the eye. It is one of those universal colors that can deliver the right kind of appeal no matter the skin tone.
So if you want that perfect golden eye look and do not know how to go about it then here is a simple 7 step analysis of what to do in order to achieve it seamlessly.

You will need: products for eyes and brows, a paint pot, texture (warm, medium, brown-caramel-toffee tone), Fix+ (makeup setting and “reviving” spray), eye pigments – jailhouse jumpsuit (bright orange), beige and chocoholic (deep brown copper color), liquid eyeliner, glide-on eye pencil, mascara, false lashes, brow powder and brow gel and some makeup brushes for blending, shading and detailing the brow.


1. Start by applying the primer all over the eyelid and brow bone using one of the makeup brushes. Texture on the creases with a makeup blending brush and make sure that the texture is thorough and even with no smudges.

2. You can then proceed to place some chocoholic eye pigments on the outer corner, blending inwards and staying slightly below the texture.

3. Spray one of the makeup brushes used for eye and brow shading with a Fix+ and pack orange eye pigment and then apply it on the lid. The Fix+ on the brush allows the eye pigment to appear more vibrant and adhere to the lid better.

4. The fourth step involves lining the lower lash line with a pencil brush. You will then have to spray the brush with Fix+ and line the inner lash line with orange eye pigment then stop at the middle and line the rest with chocoholic eye pigment.

5. As for step five highlight the inner tear duct and arch of the brow with a beige eye pigment and then proceed to apply the eye liner on the top and the waterline. You can opt to either apply the liquid eyeliner for the top and a glide-on eye pencil on the waterline.

6. The final step, of course, involves applying the mascara and putting on the false lashes. It is that simply and you can easily do it yourself.

The Intense Golden Eye Look

Photo courtesy: missmaess.

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