6 Best Christmas Makeup Tutorials to Pull Off This Year

Christmas is coming in no time, and right afterwards, the New Year celebration. Whether you’re a social butterfly or not, parties are a staple when it’s the end of the year. Thus, you can try out these Christmas makeup tutorials to make sure that you are ready to slay any Christmas or yearend party coming your way this year. There are at least 6 different looks you can try out, so you have plenty of options!

1.Christmas strings light


This makeup look would suit you if you’re planning for a grand, OTT entrance. Looking for a way to make sure everyone’s eyes are on you (and it’d be hard not to)? The Christmas strings light makeup would be the answer. Using different colored eye shadow and liquid liners, you can be sure that this makeup would make you ‘lit’ wherever you go.

2. Dramatic makeup

Conagh Kathleen

Not limited to Christmas, this makeup look can also be used if you’re planning to attend any grand party. Just like the name suggests, the makeup look is basically nothing but dramatic, with lots of glitter and thick eyeliner. While the look is fascinating, it probably wouldn’t be your number one choice when going to a small, intimate family Christmas party.

3. Red glitter lips


Red is easily Christmas’ signature color, so why not lather your lips with bold, eye-catching red glitter? When paired with a perfectly cut crease using the eye shadow palette, you will end up with a glam makeup, but not too overbearing on the eyes. This makeup would especially suit those who aren’t very confident in their eyes, but their lips make up for it.

4. Santa Claus hat


We heard of the Christmas tree brows trend, but what’s just as weird? Santa Claus hat eyebrows. It doesn’t stop there. The makeup look, inspired by the Father Christmas himself, also features red eye shadow and white liner. Clearly in the Christmas spirit.

5. Classic holiday makeup


Next on the list is what probably works for you if you’re not looking for anything too fancy or ‘standoutish’. Just like the dramatic makeup, the classic holiday makeup is basically just lots of glitter, sharp wing-shaped eyeliner, and bold red lips.

6. Glam Christmas makeup


Finally, we have the glam Christmas makeup. The makeup look is dominated by the color gold and red, with subtle glitter involved. The look would be perfect for Christmas parties, but in case you’re looking for some makeup inspirations before you attend a yearend party, this makeup look might also be what you need.

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